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3rd Period ELA PAP

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Elizabeth Calcaneo
English/Language Arts

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English I Pre-AP Week of 11/27

We will begin our study of Romeo and Juliet today. 
The final exam schedule has been posted in teacher's classrooms.  Please make sure to encourage your student to take a pic of the schedule and to devote time to study!  These tests are 20% of their grade.

Pre-AP Week of 11/13

Monday- Hobbit review
Tuesday- Hobbit TEST
Wed/Thurs(if needed)- Common Assessment
Friday- The Odyssey
Next week is Thanksgiving break.   May all of our cougar families enjoy each other and a little down time.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Pre-AP week of 11/6

Monday- revise and edit practice, Odyssey study
Tuesday-Thursday- Odyssey study
Friday- closure on Odyssey
Next week Heads up!
Tuesday- Hobbit TEST (Monday reveiw)
Wednesday- common assessment

Pre-AP Week of 10/23

Monday- hero journey vocablary, set up Odyssey Foldable
Tuesday-Nov 6 we will be reading and studying Homer's The Odyssey

Pre-AP week of 10/16

Monday- Thursday
         Personal Narrative Essay revision
Friday- we will begin reading The Odyssey by Homer
Parents- the students will be reading JRR Tolkein's "The Hobbit" at home at their own pace during the coming weeks.  There will be a test over the novel the week of November 13th.  

PreAP week of 10/2

We will be finishing My Antonia this week. 
Students will have a vocabulary quiz Monday and a subject quiz near the end of the week.  
The My Antonia test will be next week Tues/Thursday.
After we finish My Antonia, we will be taking a closer look at their personal narratives which will be deeply revised and edited.  After that, its on to the Odyssey!  Fun times in freshman English!

Pre-AP Week of 9/25

Monday- MA reading through page 84
Tuesday- Common Assessment      no reading HW
Wednesday- TISD writing snapshot     HW- read through page 94
Thursday-     HW- read through page 101
Friday-  HW- finish book 2, through page  122
Vocabulary Quiz 2 will be Monday.  Here's the link to the vocab list.  


Howdy all!  I'm Mrs. Calcaneo and will be your Cougar's teacher this year for English I Pre-AP.  I'm excited to be here!
We are currently working through our summer reading assignment. Students will be working first individually, then with a small group to discuss their novel and take some strategic notes.  Upcoming will be a timed essay test over the summer reading on Tuesday.    Harvey kind of put us in a tailspin!  Thanks for your patience and let's have a great year!
Mrs. C