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Welcome!   I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  I have 3 daughters, and all of them are THS graduates!
This is my 10th year teaching mathematics at Tomball High School.  I can't imagine teaching anywhere else. I am looking forward to another wonderful year!
The math courses I teach are all college-level, and students earn credit either through Lone Star College or AP testing. This year I am teaching the following courses:
  • AP Calculus BC
  • DC Calculus I: Math 2413
  • DC Calculus I, II: Math 2413/2414
  • DC College Algebra: Math 1314

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Mrs. Finger's Teaching Schedule 2016-17

Period 1 7:25 - 8:20 a.m. DC College Algebra
Period 2 8:26 - 9:21 a.m. DC Calculus I
Period 3 9:27- 10:17 a.m. DC College Algebra
Period 4 10:23 - 11:13 a.m. DC College Algebra
Period 5 11:19 - 12:13 p.m. DC Calculus I, II
  12:49 - 12:43 p.m. LUNCH
Period 6 12:49 - 1:39 p.m. AP Calculus BC

There's no place like home!  The St. Louis Arch holds a special place in my heart.  Andddddd, we will learn that the arch is an inverted catenary.  The shape of a catenary provides a very stable structure that is often used in bridges, domes, and arches. A catenary is the shape that a chain or necklace forms when held by the two ends.  We will discuss this trigonometric function in class.