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Athletic Trainers

The purpose of our Athletic Training Department is to provide the best possible medical care and attention to our student-athletes. Our goal is to provide athletic health care for all UIL sports and athletes at Tomball High School.
As Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainers, we are able to work with individual student-athletes, multiple times a day, to provide care and aid healing of athletic related injuries.  
Athletic Trainers are able to provide services under each of the following areas of care:
  • Prevention of school related athletic injuries
  • Recognize, evaluate, and assess athletic injuries
  • Administer first aid and provide immediate care
  • Daily treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletes
  • Maintaining of medical paperwork necessary for participation in athletics (i.e. pre-participation physicals, Doctor’s notes)
  • Game and/or athletic event coverage
  • Aid in process of appointment setting between Team Physicians and athletes/parents
  • Recommendations of local orthopedic specialists and sports medicine general physicians
Along with providing the above areas of care, we also organize and maintain the Tomball student athletic training program that enhances the health care of Tomball student athletes.  
Gordon "Doc" Graham  281-357-3220 x2475
Melissa Quigley 281-357-3220 x2476
Fax 281-357-3051
30330 Quinn Road

Tomball, Texas 77375


Additional Resources:

The National Athletic Trainers Association
The National Athletic Trainers Association is the national governing body of Athletic Trainers. It sets the standards by which Athletic Trainers are certified and maintain continuing education to improve their professional growth and ability.

The Southwest Athletic Trainers Association
The Southwest Athletic Trainers Association is also known as District 6 of the National Athletic Trainers Association. It is the regional governing body (Texas and Arkansas) to maintain close ties with local Athletic Trainers and the NATA.