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Tomball High School

Communication and student data is very important to us and we use a program for this task. is a web based program that we use to manage student data and communicate with parents and students. All members have been registered into our system and need to log into and finish the registration process by updating all contact information.
Parents & Students will use to:
    1. Update Info – Please go in and add everything you can to help the directors keep in touch with you.
    2. Finance - Keep up with finances paid by students including Spring Trip balances and more.
    3. Calendar – you can access the program’s calendar of events.
    4. Forms & Handouts – access all Forms and Handouts.
    5. Submit Assignments – assignments will be assigned and submit through
    6. Locker Combinations – Student can see their orchestra locker assignment and combination in the Assigned Inventory section of their profile
    7. Email/Communicate – Email is the best way to communicate with directors that travel between multiple campuses daily.
Log In information:
                The User Name and Password can be obtained through the Director. (Remember, Capitalization Matters)
                An email was sent out to the email that we had in our previous system. Once you receive the invitation email, click the link to set up your username and password. (Capitalization Matters)
If you did not receive an email invitation, please let the directors know.
Once logged in to, users need to update everything in the Contact/Demographic Information portion of the page being sure to update the following information:
    • Date of Birth
    • Gender
    • Valid Email (NOT student’s g-mail account assigned through the district)
    • Home Address
    • Mobile phone number
    • Mobile phone provider
THEN CLICK the SAVE BUTTON at the bottom of that section
Differences between the prior program and CutTime:
    • Parents will have separate accounts that can be linked between multiple students among multiple programs.
    • All account passwords can be reset using the “forgot password link”, NOT through the director.
    • There is no recording studio built into the program. Students can use the “voice recorder” app on their mobile devices OR the video function on their devices to record and submit assignments.