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If a German 2 / German 2 Pre AP student was absent this past week, he/she may need to print out the attached Final Exam Review and complete it by the final exam period. Students who were present in class all week do not need to print out the review. The review is a daily grade for this 9-weeks grading period. For students taking the exam, they may copy review information on the front and back of a 3x5 index card and use that card when they take the exam.


Dear Parents/Guardians of German 2 Students at THS,
The school year is quickly coming to an end! 
In case your student was absent the last part of this week, I have attached a major grade project assignment sheet for you to print out and give to your student to work on at home. This is the last major grade of the 9-weeks and will also count toward the speaking and writing portion of the final exam. It is due at the end of class on Tuesday. All students must complete this assignment whether students plan on exempting the final exam or not, as this project is a major grade for this grading period. The assignment is a little booklet about the student's school year that is meant to review the written past tense in German. There are six pages in the booklet. If your student was absent this week, he or she should write the sentences for at least the first three booklet pages (as described on the attached assignment sheet) on paper. Your student will make the booklet (very easy and fast!) in class when he/she returns. 
Concerning the final exam - an excellent way for your student to start preparing for the final exam now is to play Quizlet! There are 10 study sets in my German 2 / German 2 Pre AP Quizlet courses (starting with the set: "'werden' im Präsens")that students can work in to refresh their memory about this semester's grammar and vocabulary. Each study set has 7 different activities that students can do/play to practice; that makes 70 available Quizlet activities that students can do to practice and prepare for the exam! 
If you have any questions about the attached project assignment sheet or the final exam, feel free to contact me via Remind text or email.
Best regards,
Brenda Bauske
THS German Teacher


German "Karneval" PowerPoint presentation and Notesheet: If students were absent last week, they should view the PowerPoint presentation and take notes on the Notesheet. You must write down the sentences that go with the pictures on the Notesheet. Turn in the Notesheet to Frau Bauske.


There will be a test about Oktoberfest and German vocabulary having to do with the festival on Thursday, 9/28/17. Students must have the attached 16-word vocabulary list memorized.