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Course Description

AP Biology has been developed and is monitored by College Board.  It is considered a college-level course.  You must have completed both high school biology and chemistry before enrolling in this course.  In May, you may take the AP Test.  Depending upon your score, you may earn credit for a semester or the entire freshman year of college biology.  Realize that you may still want to take Biology in college, depending upon your major.  And some universities, and even degree plans and programs within a university, may have more stringent standards for earning credit than other institutions of higher education.  We have a LOT of material to cover, so expect to spend time outside of class watching lectures online, reading the textbook, etc.  Come to class with your questions.  We have several major labs to complete, so there will be some lab reports to write as well.  You will gain skills in working independently and in working collaboratively.  You will improve your scientific writing skills.  And you will improve your ability to analyze data and formulate a valid explanation.  These are all skills that will help you in your other sciences classes in college.