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US History

Mrs. Rachel Shol
Social Studies
2017-2018 School Year


Course Description

 Welcome to US History.  

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Note:  The Final Exam shall constitute 20% of the semester grade.








Scope and Sequence

Fall Semester:

I. The Birth of Modern America, 1865-1900

  1. Settling the West (Mining, Ranching, Farming & Native Americans)
  2. Industrialization (Rise of Industry, Railroads, Big Business & Unions)
  3. Urban America (Immigration, Urbanization, The Gilded Age & Reforms)
  4. Politics and Reform (Stalemates, Populism & the Rise of Segregation)

II. Imperialism and Progressivism, 1890-1919

  1. Becoming a World Power (Imperialist Visions, Diplomacy & the Spanish-American War)
  2. The Progressive Movement (Roots of Progressivism, Roosevelt, Taft & Wilson)
  3. World War I and its Aftermath (S. Enters WWI, Home Front, Conflict & Impact)

III. Boom and Bust, 1920-1941

  1. The Jazz Age (Clash of Values, Cultural Innovations and Art)
  2. Normalcy and Good Times (Presidential Politics, A Growing Economy & Prosperity)
  3. The Great Depression Begins (Causes, Life & Hoover’s Response)
  4. Roosevelt and the New Deal (FDR takes Office, First New Deal, Second New Deal & the New Deal Coalition)




IV. Global Struggles, 1931-1960

  1. A World in Flames (America and the World, WWII Begins, Holocaust & America Enters the War)
  2. America and World War II (Mobilizing, Early Battles, Home Front, Pushing the Axis Powers & the War Ends)
  3. The Cold War Begins (Origins, Early Years, Cold War and American Society & Eisenhower’s Policies)
  4. Postwar America (Truman and Eisenhower, The Affluent Society, Popular Culture & the Other Side)

V.  A Time of Upheaval, 1954-1980

  1. The New Frontier and the Great Society (The New Frontier, JFK and the Cold War & The Great Society)
  2. The Civil Rights Movement (Beginnings, Challenging Segregation & New Issues)
  3. The Vietnam War (S. Focus on Vietnam, Going to War, Dividing the Nation & the War Winds Down)
  4. The Politics of Protest (Counterculture, Feminist Movement, New Approaches to Civil Rights & Saving the Earth)

VI. A Changing Society, 1968-present

  1. Politics and Economics (Nixon Administration, Watergate, Ford and Carter & Life in the 1970’s)
  2. Resurgence of Conservatism (New Conservatism, Reagan Years, Life in the 1980’s & the End of the Cold War)
  3. Into a New Century (Technological Revolution, Clinton Years, An Interdependent World, A New Century & the War on Terrorism)

Class Expectations

Students will use technology on a daily basis for assessment and enrichment, but will use technology at the assigned times.
Students will come prepared to participate and be an active learner.
Students will respect other cultures and traditions.

Tutoring Schedule

Tuesday afternoon's 2:45 - 3:15
I am also available most afternoons as long as students let me know they are coming.