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1st Period Speech

Elizabeth Calcaneo
English/Language Arts
2017-2018 School Year

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Weeks of 2/19 and 2/26

Quote collection due Friday the 23!
To Kill a Mockingbird test March 6/7
STAAR EOC April 10
Paired Poetry due Thursday end of class
Novel quizzes this week and next week
STAAR EOC April 10

Week of 2/5

All classes will review for the benchmark Monday and Tuesday by going over the final exam from December.  The benchmark, a major grade, will be on Wednesday.  
All students will still need to keep up with their nightly novel readings throughout the week.

Week of 1/15/2018

Pre-AP will be revising and editing their blame essays.  They will be due by midnight on Thursday as a major grade.  We will be working in class on the essay, but homework may be done Thursday if need be.
English I- students will have a writing piece due next Friday, character analysis based on "The Butterfly Circus"  
**No School Monday January 15**

End of year English I and English I pre-ap

Monday is a final exam review day! All classes should be reviewing.
Finals are Tuesday-Friday next week!
Tuesday- period 7 final
Wednesday- periods 5 and 6 finals
Thursday- periods 1 and 3 finals
Friday- periods 2 and 4 finals
Good luck to everyone!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
See ya in 2018

Final Exam Schedule

Monday Dec 18- no exams, review day
Tuesday Dec 19- 1, 3, and 5th period reviews, 7th period exam
Wednesday Dec 20- 2nd and 4th review- 5th and 6th exam
Thursday Dec 21- 1st and 3rd exam- early release 1135AM
Friday Dec 22- 2nd and 4th exam- early release 1135AM

English I Week of 11/27

We will continue our study of "Night" this week.
The common assessment has been moved to next Wednesday, December 6.
Welcome back!

English I Week of 11/13

Monday-Friday- We will continue our "Night" study
Common Assessment- Wednesday, November 29
Next week is Thanksgiving break.  May you all enjoy some down time and make all the family memories.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

English I Week of 11/6

Monday- Night study
Tuesday- revise and edit practice
Wednesday-Friday- Night Study
Heads Up!
English I common assessment will be Wednesday 11/29 and is a MAJOR grade

English I week of 10/30

Monday-Tuesday: Non-fiction Hero Journey analysis stations
Wednesday- begin non-fiction hero study of "Night" by Elie Wiesel

English I Week of 10/23

Monday- We will begin our study of the hero's journey
Tuesday-Wednesday- we will study Cornell Notes
Thursday- Quiz- Hero journey vocabulary
Friday- We will begin reading Homer's The Odyssey

English I Week of 10/16

       Personal Narrative essay revision
Friday- begin Homer's The Odyssey
Cougs- students should be reading a novel of choice nightly in order to increase their reading comprehension skills.  Happy reading!

English I Week of 10/2

Monday- vocab quiz
Wednesday- Most Dangerous Game test- progress reports come home
Friday- MDG project due
End of 9 weeks Friday 10/13
After we close up shop on the Most Dangerous Game, students will learn about how to read and analyze non-fiction using the acronym SOAPStone.  After which we will segue into learning about Joseph Campbell's hero cycle and applying it to The Odyssey! Fun times in English 1!

English I Week of 9/25

Homework this week:  Read, student's choice, nightly
Coming up Major grades:  Common Assessment October 10/11 (ttv date), 9 weeks project over Most Dangerous Game


Howdy all!  I'm Mrs. Calcaneo and will be your Cougar's teacher this year for English I.  I'm excited to be here!
We are currently reviewing inference and will move on to reading some short story pieces next week.  Upcoming will be a test over short story elements which will also have a short answer question on it.  We will review how to answer a short answer question in class so kids are prepared to succeed.  The date of the test will be forthcoming as soon as we nail down a date.  Harvey kind of put us in a tailspin!  Thanks for your patience and let's have a great year!
Mrs. C