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German "Karneval" PowerPoint presentation and Notesheet: If students were absent last week, they should view the PowerPoint presentation and take notes on the Notesheet. You must write down the sentences that go with the pictures on the Notesheet. Turn in the Notesheet to Frau Bauske.

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Test tomorrow!

There is a test tomorrow on the verb "werden" and German New Year's traditions. Students should study on Quizlet.

German Regional Contest: commitment needed TOMORROW

Dear Parents/Guardians of THS German Students,
I will need to know by tomorrow in class if your student will commit to participating in German Regional Contest ("Houstonfest") on Saturday, February 3rd. Even if your student has a conflict with this date or does not wish to physically attend the contest, there are many ways to still participate in this contest! Keep reading for more information!
TISD is paying for student registration costs, so participation in German Regional Contest is free for students. German Regional Contest is an excellent opportunity for students, and I highly encourage students to participate. Any awards won can be listed on college and/or job applications which is a fantastic way for students to stand out in competitive applicant pools. Additionally, students who participate also receive a 100% major grade for this grading period. Over the course of the next twelve school days, we will spend two to three days per week preparing for contest in class. Students who will not participate in contest will receive required alternate assignments to work on in class that add up to a major grade. 
There are over 40 categories students may choose from in which to compete; these categories fall under 9 main groupings: Arts, Declamation (reading or memorizing poetry and short stories), Drama, Music (singing, playing instruments, and folk dancing), Oral Tests, Written Tests, Research Paper, Scavenger Hunt, and "Pass auf!" (a team trivia game). To find more information on the competition categories, see the contest website: Once at the site, click on "Rules" and then the individual grouping links to see all of the categories of competition in each grouping.
If students have a conflict with the contest date or do not wish to attend the contest, there are ways for students to still enter the contest. There are 13 categories (mostly art categories) in which students can complete a project; teachers can take projects to the contest for students, which I am more than happy to do! The 13 categories are: German Club Album, Craft, Digital Logo Design, Gingerbread House (Traditional and Non-Traditional), Doll Costume, Model, Needlework, Poster, Photography, Photo Essay, Shirt Design, and Video. For any students who are good writers and could knock out a paper in the next 16 days, a Research Paper (written in English) is also a category. Entering a paper in the Research Paper category is actually an excellent idea, because the same paper could be entered into two other essay contests sponsored by the German-Texan Heritage Society and the Texas German Society, both of which award scholarships. 
For more information about German Regional Contest and German State Contest (Sat., Feb. 24 in San Marcos), please visit the contest website To get an idea of what student entries look like for the art categories listed above, click on the link "Photo Gallery 2014." For category rules and expectations, click on "Rules" and then the grouping (for example "Declamation" for poetry and prose reading or "Arts" for any art category).
Lastly, if you are a native or near-native speaker of German and might have some time over the next two weeks, I am looking for volunteers who could come to school during the day (any period) to listen to students read their poetry and prose selections for contest and provide assistance with pronunciation. Volunteers would work with students one-on-one in the hallway. Please contact me if you would be willing to help out in this area.
Thank you for your support of the THS German program. I hope to make this our 10th consecutive year in which we have student German State Contest qualifiers! 
Sincerely yours,
Brenda Bauske
THS German Teacher

German regional and state contests!

Dear Parents/Guardians of THS German Students,

            I would like to inform you of an upcoming opportunity for all THS German students. On Saturday, February 3th, 2018, the annual “Houstonfest” contest (German regional contest) will take place at Hogg Middle School in Houston. Texas has the largest German contest system in the entire country. Last year, over 700 students from 22 schools participated in Houstonfest, and over 1,500 students from 90 schools participated in the State German Contest. There are over 40 categories of competition from which students can choose (a copy of this email and a contest brochure with a list of categories will be sent home with students tomorrow). Any student who places 1st through 5th in any category at Houstonfest advances to the State German Contest held three weeks later on Saturday, February 24th at Texas State University in San Marcos. If your student chooses to participate in Houstonfest, they should have both dates available, February 3rd and February 24th, in case they qualify for the state contest. I hope your student will consider participating in Houstonfest. THS has a history of success at this contest; for the past ten years, we have had students who are State German Contest qualifiers. TISD German students who qualify for and attend the State German Contest are recognized at an honors ceremony at a TISD School Board meeting in the spring.  

TISD will pay for student registration fees and bus transportation to Houstonfest, so your student’s participation in this event is free. Students who attend Houstonfest will receive a 100% major grade for their participation. All other students who do not attend will have an alternate major grade assignment.

I need to notify TISD an exact number of how many students will attend Houstonfest this coming Tuesday (January 16), and students need to choose their categories of competition by Wednesday (January 17). Students should tell me in class about their intention to participate. We will spend some class time preparing for the contest, and students are also welcome to come before school, after school, or during lunch to prepare as well.

Competition at Houstonfest takes place in the morning until about 1:00 p.m. Then, we eat lunch and wait for the awards ceremony at about 3:30 p.m. Over the lunch hour, there will be food trucks from which students can buy lunch, or students can bring along their own bag lunch from home.

Here is additional information about Houstonfest:

Cost: FREE (TISD pays for student registration fees and bus transportation). Students will need money for lunch or can bring along their own bag lunch from home.

Time: 7:00 AM departure from THS; competition runs from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm with an award ceremony at about 3:30 p.m. that typically ends at 4:30 PM. We usually return to THS by 5:30 p.m. 

Location:  Hogg Middle School at 1100 Merrill St., Houston, 77009

Travel: We will take a TISD bus to the event. Students may provide their own individual transportation to and from Houstonfest with the proper TISD documentation which I will provide. Students must have adult drivers (18 years of age or older) transporting them to/from the contest; students may not drive themselves if they are under 18 years old. Transportation waivers will be given to students as we get closer to the date of the contest.

Supervision: Please note that all teachers are required to judge an event at Houstonfest; therefore, your son/daughter will not be directly supervised by me during this competition. However, he/she will be supervised directly by teachers during their competition events. 

Contact: If you have any questions please contact me at Additional Information may be found on the Houstonfest website: This site also has a link to the Texas State German Contest.

Study for German Exam Using QUIZLET!

This week is semester exam week, and parents often wonder how students can more effectively study for exams. In German 1, German 2, and German 2 Pre AP, students have a semester exam study guide. However, students should also study by doing activities online in my Quizlet courses. German students have been using Quizlet all semester long in German classes this school year so far and should already have an established Quizlet account which each student registered for in class. In each Quizlet course (for German 1, German 2, and German 2 Pre AP), there are multiple study sets that all practice important vocabulary which will be tested on the semester exam. So, please have your student(s) do online Quizlet activities this week in addition to studying from the exam study guide to prepare for the German semester exam. Quizlet can be accessed at from any computer or laptop and is also a free app on cell phones/devices. I suggest downloading it on a device for your student if your student has access to a device. If, for some reason, your student needs to still create an account on Quizlet, they may still do so to access my Quizlet German courses. Once they establish an account, they need to search for their class (make sure they search for the class and not a study set; class must be selected in search mode!). Students should search for their German class level which are entitled in Quizlet as follows: "German 1 THS", "German 2 THS" and "German 2 Pre AP THS". They will need to request access to my Quizlet course once they find the course, but they can still do the activities in my course while they wait for me to approve them.

Tomball Christmas Market Festival Sign-Up Sheet

I've attached the sign-up sheet to volunteer for the Tomball German Christmas Market Festival that I'm passing around my classes at THS. If students and/or parents would like to volunteer, please look at the days and times listed. I've listed 3 hour shifts, but I welcome any volunteer time that students and parents can give! Please contact me at if you'd like to volunteer and inform me of days and times that you'd like to do so.

Tomball German Xmas Market Festival: volunteer and earn extra credit!

The Tomball German Christmas Market Festival will be held in Old Town Tomball near the Historic Train Depot from Friday, Dec. 8, to Sunday, Dec. 10. The THS German program volunteers at the festival every year, as I serve on the Festival Committee and am a strong proponent of celebrating our area's German heritage and Sister City relationship with Telgte, Germany. The festival hours are: Friday 6pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-10pm, and Sunday 10am-6pm. The THS German program helps the festival with several important tasks; students and I run a Festival Information Booth with Lost and Found, hand out programs to festival patrons, run the Shuttle Drop-Off/Pick-Up site, and will also run a Kids' Craft Zone (new this year). In addition to student volunteers, I am also seeking parent volunteers this year due to the additional responsibilities we have taken on for this festival. For students, there are many perks to volunteering; volunteer hours count toward an honor cord for 160 volunteer hours at graduation, and volunteer hours can also be listed on college and job applications. Additionally, students can also earn 1 point of extra credit on their German semester exam for each hour they volunteer up to a maximum of 5 points for 5 hours. Students can sign up in class to volunteer for specific hours on specific days. Parents, if you are interested in volunteering, please email me at More information about the festival can be found on the festival website: 

Nikolausfeier! (Nicholas party!)

German Club will have a "Nikolausfeier" ("Nicholas party") after school from 2:30-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 5th, to celebrate the holiday St. Nick traditions in the German-speaking countries. We will watch the movie "Krampus" and have a holiday party with food and drinks. We need students who are willing to bring cupcakes, chips, water, and soda to the party. We will also have a Secret Santa gift exchange. Students who already signed up for this should purchase an inexpensive gift under $5.00 for the gift exchange at the party on Tuesday. 

Reisen ("Traveling") Test: Wednesday

There will a test on "Reisen" ("Traveling") vocabulary on Wednesday. Students can study for this test using the study sets in my "German 2 THS" or "German 2 Pre AP THS" onlin Quizlet class. All students have been using Quizlet in class and know how to access it (at Students also have a Quizlet vocabulary list for the test. Parents and Guardians, Quizlet is a free app on cell phones/devices; if your student brings a cell phone/device to school, I highly recommend that the Quzlet app is downloaded onto it. It will make Quizlet usage easier in class and anywhere they have wifi/online access.

German Club "28 Years: Fall of the Berlin Wall" Party and Grafitti Art Contest: tomorrow!

German Club will hold a "28 Years: Fall of the Berlin Wall" party after school tomorrow from 2:40-3:30 p.m. We'll have cake and beverages. Students are also aware of a Berlin Wall Grafitti Art Contest in which students are welcome to submit their artwork on a sheet of 8x11 white printer paper. It is due at the party tomorrow and we will vote on the best 3 pieces of grafitti artwork which will receive prizes. Submitting grafitti art earns students extra credit of 2 daily grades in their German class.

"German Saturday" event: tomorrow!

If your student paid the $20.00 registration fee for the "German Saturday" event, this is a friendly reminder that the event is tomorrow (Sat. Nov. 11). Students must have a travel waiver (this was sent home on Tuesday and also emailed to you) filled out and signed that is turned in to me in order to participate in this event. I am still missing a few waivers from students, so if your student has not turned in their waiver, they must bring it to me tomorrow morning at the bus! Please wear school-appropriate attire. If students are playing soccer as one of their sessions, they should wear comfortable clothing to do so outdoors. Students should also bring lunch from home or bring about $10.00 to purchase lunch at the event. Please remember that students must follow all TISD/THS student code of conduct rules at this event; misconduct will result in disciplinary action at THS. Students must also actively participate throughout the entire day in order to earn the extra credit awarded for this event. Tomorrow morning, students should report to the front entrance of THS at 7:50 AM. The bus leaves promptly at 8:00 AM. We should return from the event at around 4:00 PM. Please pick up your student promptly from THS upon our return. If you have any questions, you may email me ( or text me through your student's class Remind account via cell phone if he/she has joined it.Thank you for your support of the THS German program!

"German Saturday" Saturday November 11th: extra credit!

German Saturday, to be held on Saturday, November 11th, is a fun event for Houston-area high school German students with their German teachers. The event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Travis High School (about 40 minutes from Tomball) and costs $20.00 (plus extra for lunch or bring your own bag lunch). Students choose 2 sessions to attend, then eat lunch, and then see a concert by the German band, Einshoch6. I've attended this event many times with students in past and have even run it myself. The $20.00 registration fee is due to me by Monday, Oct. 23rd. Please see the attached invitation letter for more specific information. Attending "German Saturday" earns students an extra credit test grade of 100% for the 2nd 9-weeks. I am working on transportation. We will either take a bus or a district SUV. Are there any parents out there who would be willing to follow me in a district SUV and provide a carpool for additional students?

German Club Officer Elections: TODAY!

German Club Officer Elections will be held today after school at 2:40 p.m. at our club meeting. You must attend if you wish to run for an officer position.