Winter Concert information (email sent 12/4)

Tuesday, December 10th: Choir concert. Meet at 6:30 pm fully dressed in their formal attire. The concert begins at 7:30 pm. (this is a change from previous correspondences). 

You will need to provide: 

Girls: black dress shoes, black hose

Boys: black socks and black dress shoes

The students can either take their uniforms home after school, or come at 6:15pm to change. 

This is a required performance as noted in the handbook. The students will receive three major grades: performance, responsibility (arriving on time with their complete uniform and returning it before the next school day) and concert etiquette. Babysitting, driver’s ed and lack of a ride is not considered an excused absence. Please check the choir handbook for more clarification.

Fall Concert Information

Dear Choir Parents,

Fall Concert This Thursday  October 17th: Required for all choir students

Attire: Choir formal (dresses and tuxes are provided by the school)

Girls: black hose, black closed toe dress shoes. NO showing undergarments

Boys: black socks, black dress shoes

Students may take their uniforms home the day of the concert, or come at 6 and change at the school.

Meeting time: 6:15pm in the choir room.

Students must be in their formal uniform and checked in by 6:15pm

Concert Start Time: 7:00pm in the THS auditorium

Concert end time: approximately 8:00pm
Admission: There is no cost for the concert and it is open to the public.

Grading: This concert is required and is considered curricular and extension of the classroom. Academic eligibility is NOT a factor. The date was listed on the handbook sent home the third day of school. The students will receive 3 major grades:

Performance: They fulfilled their performance obligation of  the concert.

Preparation/Responsibility: They were on time with the appropriate uniform and returned the uniform the next day.
Concert Etiquette: They displayed correct concert behavior both as a performer and audience member. 

Attendance: As stated in the choir handbook: 

Absence from any required choir activity is unexcused except for the circumstances listed below:

  1. Personal illness or accident (a written letter from a parent is required.)
  2. Funeral of death in the family (a written letter from a parent is required.)
  3. Other school activities with PRIOR permission from the director.  

A choir member’s job, lack of a ride, driver’s ed or babysitting is not an excused absence for any scheduled rehearsal or performance.  

An excused absence will result in a filler grade of 80. A student may take a written or singing test in order to receive a high grade. Sometimes they will be asked to “sing off” the performance. 

An unexcused absence will result in a grade of zero. The students may turn in a research project to raise the grade up to a 70.


*Choir members are expected to call the choir room (281.357.3220 ext. 2501) or email Mrs. Brewer if they must miss a performance BEFORE THE NEXT SCHOOL DAY. If a student has two unexcused performances, they can be moved to 7th period Vocal Ensemble. 

Information on this event has been in the newsletter for the past month. . Please email me if you are not receiving the newsletter.  

The students have worked very hard preparing for this concert. EVERY STUDENT is an important part of their ensemble and its success depends on their attendance at this event. Please let me know if there are ride issues ahead of time, so I may help make arrangements. Email me if your child needs to stay after school until the concert begins.

I look forward to seeing you at the concert.