Cassina Christ » Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!

Testing Calendar for 2020-2021-Subject to change
PSAT -Oct 14

DEC EOC retest
    English 1 - Dec. 8
    Algebra, Bio, US History- Dec 9
     English 2- Dec 10
TEA Math/ELA interim window- January 19-February 19 (Subject to change)
TELPAS online- February 22-March 12
SAT school Day- March 3

TEA Science Interim window- March 2-11

TEA Social Studies Interim window- March 1-11

April EOC
     English I- April 6
      English II- April 8   
      Algebra 1- May 4
       US History- May 5
        Biology- May 6

AP Testing- May 3-14

June EOC
      English I, US History- June 22
       Algebra I, Bio, English II- June 23
        Any that had two test- June 24     
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Helpful Links
Information for accommodations for ACT.
Khan Academy- Free test prep.
March2Success- Free test prep.
Access student STAAR score history any time-
Get your AP Scores- Thursday, July 16th

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