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Friday Quiz: Westward Expansion and Industrialization

Students should be reviewing notes for a few minutes each evening.  The quiz will be multiple choice and will cover material from Industrialization/Gilded Age and Westward Expansion.  We will talk about concepts to review more closely Wednesday in class.

Due Wednesday 9/19: Organizer

Students were provided a summary reading of Westward Expansion and Populism on Friday of last week.  They were to define any words in the summary they did not know on separate paper, and then read the summary, highlighting key points in each paragraph.  Tomorrow, they will need to have the summary reading, as well as the organizer completed. 
To complete the organizer, students were instructed to use the summary reading and its key points to find the main idea of each paragraph, note any important people in the paragraph, and write a 1-2 sentence summary of the paragraph.  The organizer and summary reading are attached. 

HW: Study for Gilded Age vocabulary quiz!

On Friday, students will be taking a 10 question vocabulary quiz over the major concepts/terms we have already been working with for the Gilded Age.  Attached are the terms we have defined, the summary we worked on and the stations notes we have worked on since last week.  Students should be prepared not to match terms with definitions, but to select the appropriate term which describes the idea/concept in the quote, image or reading excerpt they are presented with.

Welcome to Mrs. Jackson's U.S. History web page!   
I am looking forward to the start of the 2018-19 school year and am excited to be a part of Tomball High School and Cougar Nation!  I look forward to meeting my students on Tuesday, and starting yet another school year with this great community!
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