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Maria Cervantes-Kelly » A little bit about me : )

A little bit about me : )

Hola!  Me llamo Lolin Cervantes-Kelly.
I was born and raised in the city of Puebla in Mexico. As an interesting side note, Puebla is where the famous Battle of 5 de mayo was fought in 1862. Mexico faced an invasion from France commanded by Napoleon III. The  French Army was one of the most prepared in the world at that time. Against all odds, Mexico prevailed at that battle. 
While in junior high and high school, I spent semesters and summers learning English in different cities and towns in the United States. Through various study abroad programs, I have lived in Vermont, California, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. Through high school and college, I tutored many of my friends and classmates who were struggling in their English classes. It was then that I realized my vocation for teaching. Later on, my love for the English language and my education afforded me the opportunity to become an English teacher in my native Puebla. 
After high school, I attended Universidad de las Americas-Puebla (formerly known as The Mexico City College) where received a Bachelor's Degree in Educational Sciences. 
I was very fortunate to have been invited to America as a Fulbright Scholar to pursue a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University (better known as Penn State.) After earning my Masters Degree, I went to the University of Arizona, in Tucson, to pursue a Doctoral Degree in applied linguistics. 
I became a Spanish teacher in graduate school when I arrived in the U.S.. I have many years of experience teaching Spanish to college students in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Arizona and here in Texas. I have also taught Spanish at private high schools here in Texas. 
Family commitments and good luck brought me to Texas where I have been very happy raising my two children. Now that they are a bit more independent, I can devote more time to teaching full time at Tomball High School. It is my privilege to be part of this community of caring teachers and parents.  
It is my wish to help my students at Tomball High School become men and women of character. I believe that learning a foreign language is just the conduit through which they will be able to understand the world around them and become productive and responsible citizens. 

Recent Posts

Getting ready for Spring 2019

Parents and guardians:


It is hard to believe but another semester is here! In preparation for a great start of the semester, I would like highlight two important classroom expectations we have in place to make our work in class go smoother.

Our first class expectation pertains cell phone use.

Cell phones are here to stay and they are a great way for our students to not only get in touch with others, but also to access information that we never dreamed of when we were in high school. With so many apps, students can also work in class with other students to make learning more engaging and social.

However, cell phones have also become a huge distraction in class. There are two actions that we will take in order to ensure that technology is used to help with instruction and not interfere with it. Your student’s cell phone will remain silenced in your student’s backpack where nobody can see it. Students will take their cell phones out only when I explicitly tell them to do so for classwork.  If you are going to send a message to your student using his/her cell phone, wait for a response after our class is over.

Our second class expectation involves readiness for class.

All students are expected to come to class with the materials they need to do classwork. They need to have

1.  notebook,

2. college-rule sheets of paper,

3. 2 pencils and pencil sharpener if they need to use it often a

4. blue or black pen

5. pocket folder or binder where to store all their class notes and handouts.


I will upload a copy of all our classroom expectations and will also send you a hard copy with your student and you to sign.

If you don't hear from me, it means that things are going smoothly. If students are having a difficult time following our classroom expectations, I will send you an email. This will mean that I am handling the situation, but you need to know what is happening in class with your student. 

As always, thank you for your support and for letting me work with your students. Should you need to get in touch with me I am only an email or a phone call away.


Profesora Cervantes-Kelly

Cell phones and the end of the semester

Dear parents and guardians:
As we head to the end of this semester,  I would like to remind you all that the use of cell phones , and other electronic devices, in our classroom is only necessary for instructional purposes. 
When we use our cell phones in class, everyone is working with them. Otherwise, cell phones must be in your student's backpack and out of sight.
Thank you for reminding your student of this rule that helps everyone stay focused in class.