English Language Arts

The student will be practicing our writing skills by using different mediums such as writing a note to a friend, writing a letter and mailing it, how to properly send emails and texts using social media etiquette and learning about the consequences and dangers of sending inappropriate messages.
The students will be looking at different types of literature such as Fables, Mythology, Short Stories, and Tall Tales and Legends.  The student will learn about plot development, conflict and resolution, narrator, point of view, and character development.  We will be reviewing grammar skills such as Capitalization and Punctuation.
This year the student will learn vocabulary through a strategy called Word Work.  Word work is a hands-on time to explore the spellings and/or meanings of words (vocabulary). Making time for word work is vital because it helps patterns and words move into long-term memory. Word work can help our learners become better readers, spellers, and writers.