Welcome to Mr. Ferrell’s Class

Dual Credit Government | AP Government | US History


About Me:

This is my second year at THS.  I received my M.A. in Political Science from Texas State University.  I received my B.A. in a dual-major of Political Science & History from Texas Tech University. My extended experience with teaching comes from the corporate realm where I worked as a Training Specialist focusing on adult education. I hope to adapt my knowledge to create a scholarly and engaging classroom experience. 


About the Class:

Dual Credit Government & Politics is a college level course where students earn credit through Lone Star College. (LSC) The code for this course is GOVT 2305.  It is highly likely that the grade received in this course will be different for LSC, and Tomball High School.  LSC final grades are submitted earlier in the semester and prior to taking the high school final.  



My preferred method of contact is through email at travisferrell@tomballisd.net   I check my email often and please allow appropriate time for a response. If you would like to follow along with the course, or have questions regarding the course content, I highly recommend reviewing the videos on Kahn Academy's AP Government. ( Or US History)  My lessons for DC/AP will follow the same sequence as on this website.  It is a great tool for current students, and those who have not been in high school for a long time.