Mr. Berger home page

Hello all! My name is Mr. Berger, and welcome to my US History class!

A little bit about me: I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University with my Bachelors in History and Education. I have lived in the Spring/Tomball area all my life and am recently married to a fellow teacher (although she teaches Choir!) Right after I graduated, I knew I wanted to teach US history and have been teaching the first half of US History for the past several years. Now I am finally getting to move onto part 2! I am so excited to be able to teach the second leg of US history, as it covers some of my favorite topics like military history and the World Wars. Together we will be exploring the United States’ history from 1877 all the way through modern day. Understanding the past 143 years of US History is vital to understanding relevant politics of today, how we got there, and what our country can look like going forward!

Technology will be key in this classroom! We will be using Schoology and the Google Suite to learn new content and complete work. If you have any questions on how these platforms work, I am happy to help walk you through it. 

I am excited to begin teaching in Tomball ISD for the first time this year! My preferred email is if you have any questions.