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WELCOME!  I am so happy to have each and every one of you in my classroom this year! I am confident that we will make this a great experience and I am always here to help you. My primary goal is to help each of you succeed in my course and in High School as well. We will be doing quite a bit of sharing this semester; so, I will begin by sharing that this is my first year at Tomball High School. I am very much looking forward to getting to know you through our talks, your writing, and presentations. In this classroom, we honor one another with respect and kindness as we push ourselves to achieve more than we can ever imagine. 


  • A deeper understanding of why reading and writing are essential.


  • Strengthening of inference skills and analysis of literature.


  • Improved reading, writing, and critical thinking.

  • The course’s scope and sequence can be found on my website at this link


Trying your best is an expectation, as is listening to feedback and working to apply corrective suggestions. In other words, it is important to know you will make mistakes, as that’s an important part of learning. Please try your best to apply the feedback provided by both fellow classmates and me to help you become an even better reader and writer.

  • Be punctual! 
    • Students will come to class on time.
    • You should be in the room and in your seat, ready to go, when the bell rings.
  • Be prepared! 
    • Students will come to class with all necessary materials.
  • Be productive! 
    • If we are working in class, you are expected to be working on the assignment.  “I’m going to do it at home” is not an acceptable alternative.
  • Be prompt!  
    • Assignments are due on the due dates. Failure to turn in assignments will result in a deduction.
  • Be polite! 
    • Respect and listen to your teacher.
    • Respect and listen to your classmates.
    • Use school appropriate language and body language at all times.

In an event that we switch to Virtual Classes:

  • All students will continue to participate in Schoology and Google meets daily.
  • Join class on time to the best of your abilities.
  • Join class every school day to the best of your abilities.
  • Use Google Chrome and be synced to the Chrome Browser to access Clever, Classlink, and Schoology.
  • Do work in Schoology and/or Google Suite and submit all work through Schoology.
  • Have a designated place for schoolwork virtually and apply social distancing if within the F2F classroom with your mask on throughout the day.
  • Practice proper etiquette while engaging in both online and in-person lessons.
  • Respect one another, the classroom, and the teacher.
  • Consistently communicate with your teacher daily.
  • Adhere to both the Electronic Device policy within the syllabus and also the "phones powered off" policy during the entirety of our class period.
  • If joining a Google Meeting, do so with your Microphone off initially and list your name as follows: First name and First Initial of Last name i.e. Brittany L.


We will use an electronic device in the form of a Chromebook or your personal laptop every day in this course. It is important to understand that students need to use them in a responsible way which includes staying on task and avoids messaging and other distracting off-task behaviors. If students find themselves veering away from the task at hand and perhaps on an unrelated youtube video or website, the student will be provided with a warning, and if it happens a second time the student will have the following app ( downloaded to the school-issued Chromebook. They will need to turn it on and off each class period to allow me to monitor their classwork progress.

Additionally, we have a "phones powered off policy" in both the F2F in-person and the virtual classroom. You will be signing the last page of this syllabus noting an understanding of this policy and agreement to power off your phone prior to entering the classroom. If you have a VERY IMPORTANT reason for needing to check your phone during our short class period one day, please ask me about this before the class begins. Otherwise, all cell phones will, again, be turned off and stored away prior to class beginning. If this rule is violated, you will be provided with a warning and if it happens again or if a student refuses to hand over his/her device, this will lead to an automatic office referral.


Supplies are only needed for our F2F (face to face) students, virtual students have been equipped with Chromebooks already. I have gathered supplies for you to use but overall come ready to learn each day with a notebook and writing utensil


  • Writing Utensils: pens/pencils
  • 2 pocket prong folder
  • Notebook: any kind that you prefer (spiral or composition/wide or college rule)

Optional but appreciated: :)

  • If you have a laptop please bring it (our F2F class Chromebooks may not arrive until Oct.)
  • You may want to bring headphones that work on Chromebooks if you would like to listen to music when you’re working.
  • Box of Tissue and hand sanitizer to donate to the classroom

If you would like to contribute to our class in other ways:


LATE WORK POLICY- Students who are absent are expected to make up missing assignments. It is the students’ responsibility to communicate with me to get that work. If you know you are going to be absent, please notify me so we can plan accordingly.

F2F Late Work Penalty (not due to illness):

Late Work Policy- Both major and minor assignments will be accepted and graded. (See Student Handbook) Students with unexcused absences are subject to the late work policy. 

  • 1 day late = 15 pt. deduction 
  • 2-3 days late = 30 pt. deduction
  • 4+ days late = Grade of zero

Virtual Late Work Penalty: This will be similar to what is noted above but vary for certain assignments.

Makeup Work- 

  • Students are permitted to make up work missed for both excused and unexcused absences. 
  • Schoolwork missed due to short-term absences, 3 days or less, may be made up after the student is well and returns to instruction. Failure to complete work in the scheduled time will result in work being subject to the late work policy. It is suggested that a student be absent 3 days before requesting make-up work. 
  • Upon return to instruction, a student will be responsible for obtaining any required missed instruction and completing the make-up work inclusive of assessments in a satisfactory manner and within the time specified by the teacher. Generally, one day for each day of absence is allowed. 
  • Semester exams are recorded as a “0” until made up. Fall semester exams must be made up within a week (5 working days) of testing date. Spring semester exams must be made up on the campus-determined designated day for each subject. 

Semester Exams – At the end of each semester, exams are given in all classes for which high school credit is earned. Semester exams count 20% of the semester grade. 

Incompletes – A student receiving an incomplete for a grading period has the time allotted per make-up work guidelines to convert an incomplete grade to an earned grade. 

Grade Recovery- Students will be offered opportunities to master the curriculum during each grading period. Students will have the opportunity to improve one or more major grades per semester.


A 90-100

B 89-80

C 79-75

D 74-70

F 0-69

Major grades = 70%

Daily grades = 30%


Tuesday: 2:35-3:05 PM

Thursday: 6:35-7:05 AM


Tutorials are available before and after school. Check the posted schedule outside the door of my room. Tutorials are highly encouraged during Cougar Block. I am here to help you succeed, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for my help. The best way to do this is email so that I can ensure that we get you scheduled at a time that is convenient for us both.



Plagiarism occurs when one writer duplicates the words or ideas of another writer and then calls them their own. Acts of plagiarism on any assignment will be taken very seriously and will result in a mandatory assignment re-do (at minimum) or a zero on the assignment.


This year my conference period is during 3rd period. You may reach me by email at any time during the week or by phone (located at the top of the syllabus) during the third period Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you prefer to text me, please sign up with Remind or Google voice. I will schedule appointments with students who need to visit before or after school. My hope is that you (and for parents- your child) will have the absolute BEST English II experience possible, gain new knowledge, and realize that reading and writing isn’t so bad after all. Let’s have a great year!

Sophomores and parents

Remind: Text @laraeng2 to the number 81010

Google Voice: (281) 826-4739