SCHOOL CONTACT INFO: 281-357-3220 EXT. 2506 JasonMichaelis@tomballisd.net 

Mr. Michaelis is beginning his first year of teaching at THS and his thirteenth year overall.  He has previously taught at the high school and middle school level in Dallas, Belton, Temple, and Hutto.  Mr. Michaelis graduated with honors from Texas Christian University in 2009.  He is an active member of TMEA, TCDA, and TMAA and is regularly called upon to assist with these organizations.  Mr. Michaelis and his wife, Kathryn, reside in Cypress with their two children and pet lab.

Solo and Ensemble Is On

We ARE having Solo and Ensemble tomorrow as scheduled. Please be in the orchestra room 30 minutes before your 1st event. 

Final Schedule


Here is (hopefully) the final schedule for Saturday. 
  Brewer Solomon
9:30 Hie Away 3 Music Makers 3
9:36 Mattox, M Rigby, B
9:42 Bowles, J Gibson, T
9:48 Theede, P Till, J
9:54 Muaka, T McArthur, S
10:00 Hie Away 1 May, B
10:06 Batres, O Smith, A
10:12 Prince, B Music Makers 1
10:18 Music Makers 2 Romano, K
10:24 Lehmann, M Davila, M
10:30 Mramor, M Masciola, E
10:36 Ziller, O Anderson, K
10:42 El-Sharif, A Hie Away 2
10:48 Sanders, A Vaughan, K
10:54 Rodriguez, H Zeck, T
11:00 Coleman, M Celebrate 2
11:06 Howell, L Dean, H
11:12 Celebrate 1 Roadman, L
11:18 Arakachi, F Gabelsberg, e
11:24 Bossu-Browne, D Rhodes, C
11:30 Postus, A Rivera, A
11:36 Wells, Z Rhodes, E
11:42 Anderson, Kayla Foster, L
11:48 Manzango, Gloria Pearson, A
11:54   Baca, M
12-12:30 Lunch Lunch
12:36 Celebrate 3
12:42 Vanderport, Z
12:48 Davis, Brooklyn  Neidig, J
12:54 Sapp, A Larsen, B
1:00 Iglesia, V Bates, A
1:06 Tynes, C Kelly, M
1:12 Kadioglu, H Hegar, M
1:18 Sloterdijk, A Hammeken, X
1:24 Montaner, K Reznicek, L
Springen Ensemble
Saenz, JP
Springen Ensemble
Garcia, D
1:42 Chad Bricker, G
1:48 Johnson Scott, S
1:54 Huett Bermudez, D
2:00 McCaskill Olivares, L
2:06 Schiel Van Houten, W
2:12 Goodwin Zeck,R
2:18 Wells Barrington, K
2:24 Hasib Cutrufello
2:30 Boner Duhon, A
2:36 Casanova