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Letterman Jackets

Tomball High School Fitting Dates:
September 18th & 19th
October 30th and 31st
April 8th & 9th
If the student qualifies for a letter jacket, the student will receive a packet from their coach/sponsor to fill out with parent or guardian and return to school with on the appropriate fitting date.
It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to complete the form and submit it to the Balfour rep during the fitting.
Fitting times will be with the Balfour representative in the THS cafeteria during lunches and Cougar Block on the dates listed above.
If a student misses their assigned fitting date, they must attend the next fitting date. There are NO exceptions.
Balfour DOES NOT allow fittings in their office.
Any additional order/payment must be completed prior to the fitting for the jacket to be processed at that time.
Payment can be made with the Balfour rep in person, or online at:
*** Note: In order for students to earn a Letter Jacket in any organization, prior Administrative Permission has to be granted along with providing a copy of your organizations by-laws, constitution and lettering requirements.