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This site is for Dual Credit English IV-2332 and 2333.
English III Advanced Placement
English 2332 and English 2333 are survey courses in world literature. Each is designed to cover a broad treatment and overview of the major works and authors across time and cultures. The courses follow a chrono-thematic format where works are selected that cluster around a common theme. For example a study of creation will involve works from ancient as well as modern literature and other time periods in between. The courses also study works in a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, drama, poetry, and more.
English III Advanced Placement 

According to the College Board, “An AP English Language and Composition course requires students to become skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts and skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes” (College Board, English Language and Composition Course Description, 2014).

Through close reading and frequent and varied writing, this course seeks to provide students with opportunities to become increasingly aware of the art of rhetoric and how language can work effectively not only in the readings they encounter but also in their own writing and composition.


Class Expectation: I typically ask students to follow only one simple rule: Be Appropriate.


Class Wish List


The biggest request I have of parents is to encourage your students to read. Set aside time for the entire family to have at least an hour of time each day without the distraction or business of social media, tv, radio, internet, etc. Find a place in the day for you and your child to have a focused, undistracted period of time.


 Getting in Touch

 I will send periodic reminders and updates for students regarding due dates and assignments as well as other class information via the Remind messaging program. The information below will allow you to have access to these messages.


REMIND Phone Messaging

Dual Credit 2332-33

Phone # 81010



English III AP

Phone # 81010



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