Online Payments and Yard Signs

online payments
Some choir fees and expenses are available to pay online. There will be a service charge of $1-$2 for online payments at checkout. You will need to set up an account and then you will be able to pay all online expenses that are registered. Click here for instructions.  A pdf of this document is available at the bottom of this webpage. 
District Fee (optional for those participating in the District auditions) $20.00

Region Participation Fee  ($22.00 Optional...applicable to those who participate in Region Weekend)

High School Night at the Opera ($15.00: Optional)

UIL Solo and Ensemble ($15.00 Optional for those who participate in solo and ensemble )

Banquet ticket

Choir Fee (mandatory) $35.00. This will appear when you set up your account. 
Yard Signs and Decals
The THS Renaissance is selling yard signs for $ 20.00 and Decals for $10.00 You will need to set up an account. Click here to purchase.