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SCHOOL: Tomball High School

CLASS: Choir

SCHOOL CONTACT INFO: 281-357-3220 ext. 2501


Mrs.Brewer received a Bachelor of Music Education from Sam Houston State University and Master of Music in Choral Music from Arizona State University.She has been at THS since 2013 and previously held choral positions at Klein Oak High School, Cy-Fair High School, Waller High School. She is also the Traditional Music Director at Tomball United Methodist Church and a member of the Texas Master Chorale. Mrs. Brewer is a graduate of Tomball High School where her father was the choir and band director. She resides in Tomball with her husband, Tom and two children, Ben a Senior at THS and Lauren a Senior at Sam Houston State University.





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Schedule for Solo and Ensemble

Here is the final schedule. I worked around school conflicts, ensemble times, sibling rides, and accompanists within the timeframe we were given. Most times will change by at least 15 minutes. Students may ride the bus either day or arrive within 30 minutes of their first performance. The final schedule will be published on Tuesday.
Friday, February 8th: Click for Friday information
7:00 Miranda Niaya
7:06 Godbee Cameron
7:12 Castillo Alexis
7:18 Rodriguez, Alex
7:24 Bellah, Colbie
7:30 Guzman, Cipi
7:36 Hammeken, Regina
7:42 Gehrer Ensemble
7:48 Beleau Carly
7:54 Gehrer Braelyn
8:00 Mendoza Emily
8:06 Jones Hattie
8:12 Smith Kyle
8:18 Kendrick Dalton

Saturday, February 9th: Click for Saturday information
8:30 Scott Angel
8:36 Montaner Karissa
8:42 Vicente Salinas Mariana
8:48 Cutrufello Jessica
8:54 Mayfield Kinsley
9:00 Guss Ensemble
9:06 Robinson Peyton
9:12 Guss Adrienne
9:18 Contreras Britney
9:24 Kinzel Emma
9:30 Holub Cassidy
9:36 Montgomery Katherine
9:42 Owens Zachary
9:48 Lujan Isabella
9:54 Schwiesow Jessica
10:00 Borja Elvis
10:06 Borja Ensemble
10:12 Borja Ensemble
10:18 Shepherd Ryan
10:24 Nelson Noah
10:30 Ibe Caitlin Rose
10:36 Hagan Samantha
10:42 Absher Hannah
10:48 Watson Brendan
10:54 Ordonez Andrea
11:00 Wuensche Jennifer
11:06 Elmore Tiana
11:12 Advanced Women Ensemble
11:18 Munguia Ana
11:24 Muszynski Emily
11:30 Thompson Ashley
11:36 Mathews Katelynn
11:42 Andreini Cameron
11:48 Hano Ensemble
11:54 Smith Peyton
12:30 Hano Weston
12:36 Van Houten Wyatt
12:42 Lagunes Kevin
12:48 Sloterdijk Edward
12:54 Duong Ensemble
1:00 Shepherd Eric
1:06 Villanueva Jose
1:12 Garcia Ensemble
1:18 Davis Brooklyn
1:24 Garcia Desiree
1:30 Allred Ensemble
1:36 Allred Ensemble
1:42 Diego Gutierrez
1:48 Duong Jarvis
1:54 Iglesias Valeria
2:00 Rich Luke
2:06 Bryant Erin
2:12 Harris Madelyn/ Casanova Ensemble
2:18 Winfield Payton/ Foster Tabitha
2:24 Werner Rebecca/ Garcia Alexia
2:30 Schaberg Emma/ Evermon Marian
2:36 Hudgens Hayley/ Jenson Parker
2:42 Casanova David/ Montgomery
2:48 Hernandez Ortiz Daniel
2:54 Wells Max


Revised Accompanist Assignments

 Jean Solomon  Karen Brewer
Borja Elvis
 Absher Hannah
Bryant Erin
Beleau Carly
Casanova David
Castillo Alexis  
Cutrufello Jessica
Contreras Britney
Davis Brooklyn
Duong Jarvis
Elmore Tiana
Guss Adrienne
Evermon Marian
Gutierrez Diego
Foster Tabitha
Harris Madelyn
Garcia Alexia
Hernandez Ortiz Daniel
Garcia Desiree
Holub Cassidy
Gehrer Braelyn
Hudgens Hayley
Godbee Cameron
Iglesias Valeria
Guzman Cipriana
Kinzel Emma
Hagan Samantha
Lujan Isabella
Hano Weston
Mathews Katelynn
Ibe Caitlin Rose
Montgomery Katherine
Jensen Parker
Munguia Ana
Jones Hattie
Muszynski Emily
Kendrick Dalton
Owens Zachary
Lagunes Kevin
Robinson Peyton
Lindsey Cassidy
Schaberg Emma
Mayfield Kinsley
Schwiesow Jessica
Mendoza Emily
Smith Peyton
Miranda Niaya
Thompson Ashley
Montaner Karissa
Wells Max
Montgomery Carter
Werner Rebecca
Morales Ricardo
Winfield Payton
Nelson Noah  
Ordonez Andrea  Andreini Cameron
Rodriguez Alexandra  
Scott Angel  
Shepherd Eric  
Shepherd Ryan  
Sloterdijk Edward  
Smith Kyle  
Van Houten Wyatt  
Vicente Salinas Mariana  
Villanueva Jose  
Watson Brendan