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All State 2018-2019

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All-State Process, Dates and Fees

In Texas, the All-State Choir audition process begins with approximately 20,000 students and is narrowed down to 500 through a series of auditions. It is an outstanding accomplishment to earn a spot in the Texas All-State choir. These students are given special consideration when auditioning for college music scholarships, which are awarded to music and non-music majors. Students will grow tremendously in their singing and music reading skills as they participate in the process. Students will earn letter jacket points for attending each audition in which they participate.


Fee: $20.00 district audition fee due September 1st

$22.00 Region Choir Participation fee due November 10th for all students participating in Region Weekend (Treble, Honor and Mixed)

$15.00 All State fee due at the Area Audition for all students that qualify for the All State choir

Audition Rounds

  • Round 1: District
  • Round 2: Region
  • Region Clinic and Concert
  • Round 3: Pre-Area
  • Round 3: Area

Who may audition?All choir students in grades 9 - 12 are eligible. Chorale students are STRONGLY encouraged to participate. Participation for JV students will be a consideration in a student’s choir placement at the end of the year.


  • Follow through with the entire audition process until eliminated by audition
  • Prepare daily OUTSIDE of school.
  • Submit their benchmarks on time.
  • Maintain eligibility
  • Come to Sectionals during Tutoring Hour.
  • Know their music enough to represent THS well. Unprepared students will NOT be allowed to audition at Mrs. Brewer’s discretion.
  • After School Sectionals will be held to rehearse All-State audition music. Attendance at sectionals should be considered “REQUIRED” in order to participate in this process. The level and complexity of the All-State Literature demands a significant degree of focus in order to master. Sectionals begin the 1st week of school and continue until throughout the entire year until there are no more students left in the process.

District Choir Auditions SEPTEMBER 15th, Conroe High School Any member of the THS Choral program is eligible to audition for the District Choir. The District Choir is not a performing choir. Each student is responsible for the purchase of music ($5-) -10)audition fee ($20) totaling $25.00-$30.00 due by September 7th. The students will be expected to prepare outside of class. There will be numerous after school and in school tutorials available students will be expected to attend as many as possible.

Region Choir Audition: October 20th, Klein Forest HS: Students selected at the District level are required to audition for the All-Region Choir. The All-Region Choir includes a Mixed Choir, a Treble Choir and an Honor Choir. Any student selected to the All-Region Choir must participate in the Pre-Region Concert rehearsal. November 12th at College Park High School and the choir/clinic November 16th (Klein HS) and 17th at The Woodlands United Methodist Church. Up to eight choir members who do not make the All-Region choir may be selected to perform in the Honor Choir by their directors. There is a Region weekend fee of $25.00.

Pre-Area Auditions November 27th The Woodlands High School: The top 20 chairs in each section of the All-Region Mixed Choir advance to the Pre-Area audition.

Area Auditions January 12th The Woodlands High School: The top five students selected at the Pre-Area audition advance to the Area Audition for the Texas All-State Choir. The top ranking chairs at the Area level audition will earn membership into the Texas All-State Choir. (Students will be placed into the Mixed, Treble or Men’s All-State Choir.) These choirs will rehearse and perform in San Antonio at the Texas Music Educators’ Association Convention February 13th - 16th 2018.

If you would like to order the entire All State packet, you need to purchase large school Treble or Tenor Bass packet. You can purchase it at JW Pepper, Pender’s Music, AMC music (local) or Music Rack (local). The students will purchase music $5.00 - $10.00 per audition or $20.00 for the entire packet. You can either order the Large school Mixed and Women or Mixed and Men packets for all of the music used in every audition, or order the district music separately.


District Audition Repertoire:

Treble ($7.00):

Flight Song

Ride on King Jesus

Gott Ist Mein Hirt (PDF attached)



Tenor/Bass ($10.00):

Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

O Sacrum Convivium

Ave Maria

Misericordia Dommini


Region Repertoire:

Ich Lsse Dich Du Segest Mich Denn (PDF attached) 

I Will Lift Mine Eyes

Schicksalslied (2nd half)

Pre-Area and Area:

Misericordias Domini, 
Laudi alla Vergine Maria, 



 The Woodlands High School 9th grade campus September 8th, 2018

8:30 am - 2:00

$25.00 paid on site


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