UIL Solo Links


Click on the title for the Corresponding YouTube link. These videos are to help with notes, rhythms and familiarize you with the accompaniment. We will not necessarily follow the same tempos and musical interpretations as the YouTube performers.  PDFs can be found in the documents section of Charms.



Ah Mai Non Cessate Grade 1

All My Trials Grade 2

Alma Del Core High Grade 2

Alma Del Core Low Grade 2

Amarilli Mia Bella Grade 2

American Lullaby Grade 3

Apres Un Reve Grade 1

Balm in Gilead Low Key Grade 3
Black is the Color of My True love's Hair Grade 2
Break Break Break
Grade 2

Cara Sposa Grade 1
Caro Mio Ben  Grade 2

Cancion Picaresca Grade 1

Chanson Triste Grade 1

Cindy Grade 3

Come Again Sweet Love Grade 2

Cosi Amor Mi Fai Languir (Grade 1)

The Daisies Grade 2

Do Not Go My Love Grade 1

Down  Among the Dead Men Grade 2

Du Bist Wie Eine Blume (low) Grade 2

Du Bist Wie Eine Blume (high) Grade 2

Early in the Morning Grade 1

El Majo Discreto Grade 1
En Priere
Grade 1

Farewell Lad Accompaniment Low Key Grade 3

Farewell Lad High Key Grade 3
Fire Down Below
Grade 3
From an Irish Cabin Grade 2

Gamber's :Lament Grade 2

Give a Man a Horse Grade 1

Go Way From My Window Grade 3

Heidenroslein Grade 1

Homeward Bound (slow) Grade 3

How Do I Love YOu Grade 1
I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly Grade 1

Ich Liebe Dich Grade 1

Iche LIebe Dich Grade 1 Tenor
Il Mio Bel Foco Grade 1
If Music Be the Food of Love Grade 1
In the Morning Grade 1

The Green Dog Grade 1

I Bought Me A Cat Grade 2

Ici Bas French proununciation

Ici Bas Mezzo grade 2
Jolly Roger, The  Grade 2

The Lamb Grade 3

Lascia Chi'o Pianga Grade 1

Lascia Chi'O Pianga Grade 1 Low

Les Berceaux Grade 1

The Lass From the Low Countree Grade 3

Listen to the piper Play voice part Grade 2

Listen to the PIper play Bass  Grade 2

Listen to the Piper Play accompaniment Grade 2

My MOther Bids My Hair Grade 1
Nana Grade 1
No Ways Tired Grade 1

Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal Grade 2

O Cessate Di Piagarmi Grade 2

O Cessate Di Piagarmi ACCOMPANIMENT Grade 2

Passing By Grade 3

Perche dolce caro bene Grade 1

Per La Gloria Accompaniment in Eb

Per La Gloria Soprano Grade 1

Per La Gloria accomp and part Grade 1

Per La gloria Low Key Grade 1 

Per La Gloria Baritone Grade 1

Poor Wayfaring Stranger Low Key Grade 3

Ridente La Calma Grade 1

Ride on King Jesus Grade 2

Ride On Treble High Grade 2

Scarborough Fair Grade 3

She's Like the Swallow (high key) Grade 3

She's Like the Swallow Low Key Grade 3

Sebben Crudele Grade 1

Se Tu Ma'mi Grade 1

Se tu Ma' Mi Low Grade 1

Skye Boat SOng Grade 3

Simple Gifts High Grade 3

Simple Gifts Copeland Grade 3

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Low) Grade 2

Sure on this Shining Night Grade 1

The Carol of the Birds Grade 3

To the Sky (high key) Grade 3

To the Sky Low voice only baritone

Tu Lo Sai Grade 1

Vagabond, The Grade 1
Vergibliches STandchen Grade 1

Virgen Tutto Amor GRade 2

Vittoria, Vittoria Grade 1
Water is Wide, The Grade 2

Wegenlied Grade 2

When I Have Sung My Songs Grade 2

When I Have Sung My Songs Grade 2 Low

Where Corals Lie Grade 2

Widmung Grade 1

Widmung Accompaniment Grade 1

Wie Melodien Ziet high Grade 1

Wie Melodien Ziet accompaniment Grade 1

Wie Melodien Ziet low Grade 1




Ach Wie Des Leiden

Celebrate This Day Together

Da Pacem Domine

Chi La Gagliarda Mixed

Viva Tutti TTB

Steal Away TTB

Though Philomena Lost Her Love SATB