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District Audition Benchmark Tests

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District Choir Benchmarks


Students that compete in District Choir are representing the level of excellence at Tomball High School. In order to asses their progress, teach them independent rehearsal techniques and ensure that they adequately prepared for the audition, they will submit benchmark singing tests before they are able to attend the district auditions. 


They must be able to sing approximately 85% of music to pass the benchmarks.  They will be assessed on notes and  rhythms. Submissions will be made on Charms via the recording studio on the Charms app or the desktop version. If they do not have a smartphone, nor a recording device on their computer, they may use the choir laptop.


Benchmark 1 due August 27th

Treble: Ride on King Jesus. CD begins at 31. Sing 33-70

Tenor/BassJoshua Fit The Battle. CD begins at 69. Sing 71-end

Benchmark 2 due August 31st:

Treble: Flight Song CD begins at 30. Sing 34-58

Tenor/Bass: O Sacrum Convivium. CD begins at 17. Sing 20- end

Benchmark 3 due September 7th

Treble Gott Ist Mein in Hirt. CD begins at 58. Sing 59-79

Tenor/Bass Ave Maria: CD begins at mm.11. Sing mm 13-26

Benchmark 4 due September 14th:

Everyone: Mesericordias Domini CD begins at 98. Sing 100-129


  1. Download app.

  2. Go to recording studio

  3. Record and submit when you have made a satisfactory recording.