District Audition Benchmark Tests

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District Choir Benchmarks


Students that compete in District Choir are representing the level of excellence at Tomball High School. In order to assess their progress, teach them independent rehearsal techniques and ensure that they are adequately prepared for the audition, they will submit benchmark singing tests before they are able to attend the district auditions.

They must be able to sing approximately 85% of music to pass the benchmarks. They will be assessed on notes and  rhythms. Submissions will be made in the Schoology Course.

Benchmark 1 due September 18th

Threads of Joy: Recording begins on mm. 21 bt 4 sing mm 25 - 46

Benchmark 2 due September 25th

Ride Up In the Chariot: Recording begins on mm. 25. Sing mm. 29-44

Benchmark 3 due October 2nd

Treble: Walk Alone Recording begins on mm. 71. Sing mm 74-100 bt 1

Tenor/Bass: O Sing to the Lord: Recording begins on mm. 9. Sing mm. 12 beat 4 - mm. 36


Benchmark 4 Due October 9th:

Sleep: Recording begins mm39. Sing mm 43 beat 4- mm64 


  1. Use the tracks in the All State Page for background.
  2. Make an audio or video recording of the cuts with the background tracks. DO NOT USE HEADPHONES. I must hear the background accompaniment.
  3. Submit before the due date.
  4. Read the comments.


  • You can do them out of order as long as you submit weekly.
  • You can submit them before the due date.
  • I will leave comments. MAKE SURE YOU READ THEM.