TENTATIVE Friday Solo and Ensemble Schedule

Here is the 1st draft of the schedule. Please note, it will most likely change within a 20 minute time frame. If you are meeting us or being picked up from College Park, please email me at lynnbrewer@tomballisd.net. You must also fill out a field trip release form. 
You must be at College Park HS at least 40 minutes before your scheduled time. 

5:00 R.Morales
5:06 K.Smith
5:12 Treble Ensemble 1: E. Boyd,  S. Hagan,  C. Ibe, I. Lujan, R. Rose , M. Snyder, A. Thompson, J. Wuensche 
5:18 J. Wuensche
5:24 M. Snyder
5:30 I. Lujan
5:36 E. Boyd
5:42 C. Ibe
5:48 R. Rose
5:54 A. Thompson
6:00 S. Hagan
6:06 R. Falzarano
6:12 M. Ramsey
6:18 R. Werner
6:24 E.Wages
6:30 dinner
6:36 dinner
6:42 dinner
6:48 dinner
6:54 dinner
7:00 K. Montgomery
7:06 M. Chadwick
7:12 L. Jahnke
7:18 W. Conover
7:24 TREBLE ENSEMBLE 2: A. Castillo, V.  Espitia, K. Farmer, R.  Hammeken, H. Hudgens, K Mayfield, N. Miranda, T. Nale-Ewing
7:30 T Nale-Ewing
7:36 A Castillo
7:42 K Farmer
7:48 R Hammekin
7:54 N Miranda
8:00 K Mayfield
8:06 H Hudgens