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Planning for College - What to do 9-12th grade

Grade Level Planning Pages

Each grade level has steps to take to better prepare for their post secondary education.  Below are links to helpful planning guides.  It is important that students begin to prepare for their future each year they are in high school being aware of all the resources to assist them along the way.

Strength Explorer Assessment

Students are required to complete the Strength Explorer assessment before their ninth grade year.  This assessment identifies their strengths and talents.  The results of the assessment are given in the students top three themes.  Career pathways are given for each theme.  These careers are suggested based on the students strengths and themes.  This is a great starting tool to help students learn more about careers in which they could excel.    Below are tools for both parent and student on how to make the most of the results of the Strength Explorer.

Fiskes Sizing Yourself Up Survey

Fiskes Sizing Yourself Up Survey is another tool student can use to help them determine a post secondary career path.  Please see the attachment below to download and print the survey.


All students have access to Naviance beginning in 7th grade through graduation and beyond.  Naviance can be a helpful tool in learning more about students interests, talents, strengths, career interests, college interests, and much more.  Below are some of the highlighted areas in what makes Naviance such a useful tool for students. 
*Parents are required to register to view their student's progress/work in Naviance.  Contact your student's counselor for your registration code. Thank you!