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Emily Nichols » Local Tomball Scholarships for Seniors

Local Tomball Scholarships for Seniors

Local scholarships for the Class of 2019 will be released in mid-February 2019. 
Keep checking back! 
Local Tomball Scholarships will be coming Spring 2019.  There is something for everyone!  Please make sure that you apply for all that you are eligible for.  Don't procrastinate and miss deadlines. 
  • Make a list of the scholarships you're going to apply for
  • Make a list of how many transcripts you need and order them by March 9th
  • Make a list of how may Confidential Student Evaluation Forms you'll need and ask you teachers to complete them for you early
  • Submit your applications before the deadline

General Information

Most of the Local Tomball Scholarships use the same application (TISD Local Scholarship Application).  There are three parts to the application. Not all scholarships require all three parts.  Make sure you submit the correct parts.  The parts needed will be listed in the Requirements under the scholarship description.
TISD Local Scholarship Application Parts:  SEE LINKS TO FILES BELOW
  • Academic and Personal  
  • Extracurricular and Volunteer Activities
  • Financial Information

Confidential Student Evaluation Form

Confidential Student Evaluation Forms are basically teacher letters of recommendation.  You may submit the evaluation form or a letter of recommendation from your teachers.  Need evaluations for multiple scholarships?  Ask a few teachers to make several copies for you. It' not necessary to use different teachers for all of your evaluations.

Local Tomball Scholarships Begin Below

Keep checking back, scholarships will be released mid-February 2019

1. Read each scholarship description. 
2. If you'r eligible, see the link to the printable checklist or printable application. You'll be able to print the description and checklist for yourself.
3.  If the scholarship requires parts of the TISD Local Scholarship Application, the links are located above.  They're fillable documents.  You'll complete them, save, and print the number that you need.
4.  If a scholarship requires a Confidential Student Evaluation Form, the link is also above.  If you need some for multiple scholarships, you can ask teachers for the number of copies that you need.  Ex:  Two of your scholarships require two Confidential Student Evaluation Forms. Ask two teachers for two copies each instead of asking four different teachers.  
5.  Make sure to order any transcripts you need early. Transcripts can be ordered from the front desk.  $2 for official, $1 for unofficial. Make sure you order a paper copy of the official - do not open! 
6. Staple all parts of the application together for submission.  Some like to use folders or large envelopes to keep everything neat.
7. There will be labeled buckets in Cougar Corner to turn in applications.  Please place them face down.
Let me know if you have any questions!