College Admission Information & Finding the Right College

College Admission Information

HARN Admissions Guide 2020-2021 - Helpful information on admission information, deadlines, scholarships, etc. for the most popular colleges/universities that students in the Houston area apply to.
10 Factors in Choosing the Right Colleges for You - Not sure which college to choose? Use this list of 10 factors to help you determine where to begin in your college search.
12 College Interview Questions - Not everyone will have to go through an interview as a part of the application process. If you do apply to a college that requires an interview, make sure you're ready. These are twelve common questions to be prepared for.
20 Questions to Ask Your High School Counselor - Many students are asking these questions already. These are typical things that students should know as they prepare for high school graduation and begin post high school planning.

Applying to College 101 by College Board Big Future - College Board's Big Future program has great information to keep you up to date and familiar with the college application process.
NCAA Clearinghouse for Student Athletes - Want to play sports in college? Make sure you follow the NCAA guidelines and registration process.  Need more information on NCAA? You coach will be able to assist you.
Resume Writing 101 by College Board - Having a resume is a must! College Board's Big Future program can assist you.  A resume is not only important in the college application process, it is something that will be important to you throughout your career.
Apply Texas (application portal) - Are you applying to a Texas public university? You'll need to complete the Apply Texas application. Some private schools and community colleges also use the Apply Texas. How do you know which application to use for your college? Visit the college's website to be sure you're completing the correct one.
College Admission Process by Go College - Another great resource that will walk you through the application process. Remember that applying to college is a process. Make sure you ask questions if you have them!
The Common Application (application portal) - The Common Application is used nationwide. Most out of state and many private schools will use the Common Application. The website will walk you step by step through the process.
US Higher Education Glossary of Terms - Understanding the terminology that colleges and universities use takes out some of the stress related to the application process.


Searching for the Right College

Naviance (Colleges Tab > Super Match) - Username: ID, Password: tisd and date of birth (Ex: tisd11012001)

Senior Year - Applying to College


Apply Texas Application Website  (

  • Texas Public Universities
  • A few private universities
  • Community Colleges throughout Texas
  • Research your options
  • Preview the application and essay topics
  • Remember to use the application for the year that you will ENTER college

Common Application Website (


Help! I can't find my college listed in Apply Texas or Common Application.

For some colleges and universities, it is common for them to use THEIR OWN application.  These can be located on the college or university website.

After you've submitted your application:

Once you've submitted an application, you will receive an email from the college or university with information to log into an online applicant portal. Through this portal, you're able to verify that they've received each of the required items for your application.
  • Application
  • Application Fee
  • Official Transcript
  • Official Test Scores
    • Many colleges/universities are now test optional - be sure to read their websites for details
  • Other items may include: resume, letters of recommendation, Lone Star College transcript, Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination record, etc.
    • These additional items may be uploaded through this online applicant portal.

How to Order/Submit a Transcript

Official Transcript
  • SENIORS ONLY - Request ALL transcripts through Naviance (college, university, scholarships, personal, etc.)
    • Mid-year transcripts (if needed) - Begin requesting in January through Naviance
    • Final transcripts - Begin requesting in April through Naviance
      • Final transcripts are sent after graduation to the institution you plan to attend

How to Submit Official Test Scores (SAT/ACT/TSI)

Log into the appropriate website to send your scores.  There is a small fee to send official test SAT/ACT scores if you did not do so upon registration for the tests ($12-$13).   The TSI scores will be on the official Lone Star College transcript, which can be sent electronically through the Student section on the MyLoneStar account for $9 each.