College Visit Day Policy and Procedures (for 11th and 12th)

College Visit Days

An important piece in preparing for your college experience after high school is the college visit.  It is vital for students to have a college campus experience.  Students learn valuable information and really get a feel of the investment they will be making for their future.  I encourage students to visit a variety of colleges and universities in different sizes and locations to see what's out there.  Touring a college campus can help ease the fears of leaving high school as well as open their eyes to the countless new adventures that await them!  Scheduling a tour is easy.  Simply go to the college or university website and you should see a link for visitors or you can search "visit" on their webpage.  You should easily be able to schedule your day and time.  Check out as much as possible while you're on campus, as well as explore the college town!
Remember that students receive TWO college visit days as a JUNIOR and TWO college visit days as a SENIOR.  (days not used the junior year do NOT roll over to the senior year)  
Students need to obtain a College Visit Day form in the attendance office (Student's AP/Counselor office) to submit with their official visit day letter from the college/university.  
Students are required to submit a letter from the college/university within 5 school days of returning from the visit to the attendance office.  The letter must be on official college letterhead and contain the following 3 things:
1.  Student name
2.  Date of visit
3.  College/university representative signature
*Letters MUST have all requirements to be accepted and entered as an official college visit day.  It is the student's responsibility to make up any work missed.
Students must submit their official college day form to their AP/Counselor office within FIVE DAYS of the visit in order for it to be coded as a college day. Any documentation submitted after the five days will not be accepted to code the absence as a college visit day. 
Students may NOT attend a college visit day during any final exam or final exam review day.
Below is an excerpt from the Student Handbook regarding College Visit Days. (pg. 14)