Dual Credit

Tomball High School partners with Lone Star College, Tomball to offer dual credit courses to high school students to earn college credit prior to graduation. Students typically begin taking dual credit courses during the junior year of high school. Dual credit courses require students to meet qualification/eligibility through test scores prior to registration. Students begin the process for entering the dual credit program the spring semester prior to taking the courses. Deadlines will be given to students throughout the process, and it is the student's responsibility to make sure they meet deadlines. The State of Texas pays for tuition for the course, and the student is responsible for fees which are paid each semester, depending on the course. Students are also responsible for their books.  Grades earned through dual credit courses will be reflected on the high school transcript and LSC college transcript. This program is a wonderful way to begin earning college credit, as well as help prepare students for their post high school education.


Year-long Courses

Earn High School and College Credit BOTH semesters

*Gov & Eco - semester only courses

Fall Semester College Credit 

*Register in school year spring semester PRIOR to taking fall course

(Earn both high school and college credit)

Spring Semester College Credit

*Register in fall semester of school year PRIOR to taking spring course

(Earn both high and college credit)

English Lang. (Jr. or Sr. English)

ENGL 1301 - (3 hours)

*summer reading required

English Lang. (Jr. or Sr. English)

ENGL 1302 - (3 hours)

English Lit. (Sr. English only – must have completed ENGL 1301/1302 )

ENGL 2332 - (3 hours)

*summer reading required

English Lit. (Sr. English only – must have completed ENGL 1301/1302 )

ENGL 2333 - (3 hours)

U.S. History

HIST 1301 - (3 hours)

U.S. History

HIST 1302 - (3 hours)

Calculus 1 (taken with Calc. II)

MATH 2413 - (4 hours)

Calculus II

MATH 2414 - (4 hours)


BIOL 1406 - (4 hours)


BIOL 1407 - (4 hours)

General Chemistry

CHEM 1411 (4 hours)

Chemistry DC

CHEM 1412- (4 hours)


GOVT 2305 - (3 hours)


GOVT 2305 - (3 hours)


Economics (*New for 21/22, SPRING ONLY)

ECON 2301 (3 hours)


Earn High School Credit FALL & SPRING - Earn College Credit ONLY SPRING Semester

Fall Semester

(High School Credit Only)

Spring Semester 

*Register in fall semester PRIOR to taking spring course

(Earn both High School and College Credit)

College Algebra

-no college credit-

College Algebra DC

MATH 1314 - (3 hours)


-no college credit-

Statistics DC

MATH 1342 - (3 hours)

Anatomy (Fall only registration-37 week college course)

-no college credit-

Anatomy DC (Do not register again for course)

BIOL 2401 - (4 hours)


Required Scores For Dual Credit Courses

Helpful Resources to Prepare for Testing

News & Updates for Current Dual Credit Students

For those registered for FALL dual credit courses, please make sure you pay your FALL fees by August 1st.  Below is the email that was sent to you at the end of the school year with instructions to check your courses and how to make your payment.
*Remember that College Algebra & Statistics courses do not register until November, so you will not see these courses in your MyLoneStar account until that time.



CURRENT 21-22 DUAL CREDIT STUDENTS: Click HERE to join the Dual Credit 2021-2022 Dual Credit Google Classroom. (students ONLY, parents will receive guardian notifications for items posted)

Dual Credit Student, (FYI parents)

Lone Star College is still finishing up fall course registration, but will hopefully have everyone completed by mid-June. Remember there are fall and spring course fees for many courses, not a one-time payment for both semesters.  If you are taking College Algebra, Economics, or Statistics DC, you won’t see the course(s) listed with fall registration. Registration for these will be in November.

Payments will be made through your MyLoneStar account. Go to www.lonestar.edu and click on the MyLoneStar link on the top right hand side of the page. It’s best not to use your phone or the Chrome browser when you’re using the Lone Star College website.  You’ll first need to verify that your fall course(s) are correct.  Instructions are below for this. The next step is to make your payment.  It is important that you make sure that tuition has been waived prior to making your payment.  To assist with determining this, I’ve attached the fee schedule for courses which show you the cost per credit hours. For example, ENGL 1301 is a three credit hour course, and the fee is $78. All courses are three credit hours except science and calculus which are four credit hours.  You will use the Dual Credit In-District column on the fee chart at the link below to check the fee amount. Fall and spring fee amounts can be different, depending on the courses you are taking. If you’re not sure how many hours your fall courses are, you can check the Dual Credit page on my website which lists all of the courses and college hours.

The deadline for fall fee payments is August 1st. Payment plans are available if needed, simply contact the LSC Tomball Cashier’s office.  281-357-3754


 2021-2022 Dual Credit Fee Chart

Resource_How to make a payment


Steps to Verify Your Courses

  • Log into your MyLoneStar account through the link on www.lonestar.edu at the top right
    • Trouble logging in? Call the LSC Help Desk at 832-813-6600 and ask to have your password reset, which allows you to reset your security questions
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Click on Academic Records
  • You will see your list of courses.  Check the list to make sure all of the courses you are taking for the semester are listed.  Also be sure to check the term for the course.
    • You will also see the course hours listed. Add your hours for the term so that you can check the fee chart (attached) to verify that you’re paying the correct amount for the total number of hours you are taking.
  • Once you’ve verified all of your courses are correct you can make your payment. Click this link for the steps. (Resource_How to make a payment)

**Students taking College Algebra, Statistics, and Economics will not see those courses listed for fall registration.  Registration for these courses is in November.

Fall 2021 Fee Payment Deadline: August 1st

Remember in dual credit, there are fall and spring course fees. Fees paid now are for fall courses only. Registration for all spring courses is in November, and spring fee payment due in January (date TBA).


Lone Star College MyLoneStar Email

Every dual credit student has a Lone Star College email. You can access your LSC email through the MyLoneStar website.

  • Log into your MyLoneStar account (do not use Chrome)
    • Trouble logging in? Call the LSC Help Desk at 832-813-6600 and ask to have your password reset, which allows you to reset your security questions
  • Click on the Student Email tab
  • You will be prompted to log in


As a reminder, dual credit students are NOT required to submit proof of bacterial meningitis vaccination, send a transcript, or attend New Student Orientation. Dual credit students are considered exceptional admits, and those things are not required. Holds will be shown on your account, and you will not get to 100% complete on the application process. If you attend Lone Star College after graduation, you’ll then need to complete those things, but for now please just ignore the holds.

I will be out of the office after today, June 4th, and return at the end of July. I will have limited access to email, but will respond as quickly as possible when I return in July.  If there are any corrections that need to be made with your dual credit courses, we can take care of those at the end of July.  Remember if you are taking an English course, summer reading is required. Information can be found on the THS website. Summer Reading Lists-2021