HARN College Admissions Information

Houston Area Recruiter's Network (HARN) has collected information for students containing admission information for several popular universities throughout Texas and the surrounding area (colleges listed at HARN members).  
*As always, please check the college or university's website for the most up to date information as entrance requirements may change.


As seniors, students are applying to enter a college/university as a college freshman.  The link below is a guide to understanding the admission guidelines.  Included are Application deadlines, scholarship deadlines, open house, campus visit information, and admission contact, financial aid contact, website link, and holistic review information.


In Texas, if a student ranks in the top 10% of their graduating class, they will be automatically admitted to a Texas public university (UT is top 7% for 2018-2019 admissions).   Although a student may be automatically admitted under this rule, the student is still competing for their major, and should submit solid application.
Students not in the top 10% may be admitted under assured admission standards (rank/GPA and required test score).  The link below is a chart compiled of these assured admission standards.  Upon meeting the assured admission standard, the student will be admitted to the college/university, but like the top 10% student is competing for their major.  Again, a solid application should be submitted.
If a student does not meet the assured admission standards, most college/universities then move their applicants through a holistic review process.  Holistic review takes a deeper look into why the student may not have met the standard.  Additional essays or short answers may be required, resume, letters of recommendation, etc. (see college/university website).  Holistic review does not mean the student will be denied, it means the college will need to take a deeper look at the student and determine if their institute is a proper fit for the student.  I always encourage students who will go into holistic review to contact their the college representative that is assigned to our school to visit with them about their application.
Students interested in attending a community college first, then transferring to a four year institution need to know the college/university transfer requirements. Below is a helpful chart to start looking into what would be required to transfer to a four year institution. Please note, that these requirements may change by the time you are transferring, so please make sure that you check the college/university website for up to date information.


Helpful links for COVID-29 resources for some college/universities.