GenTX Scholarship for Seniors

The GenTX scholarship is now live! Our THS faculty and staff generously donated to make this scholarship available for seniors. There will be FOUR $235 scholarships awarded.  Counselors will be available to take submissions during ALL lunches at the counselor table across from 1102 in the commons. To apply you will need to do each of the following:

1. Show proof that you've submitted a college or tech/trade school application (Ex: email proof, applicant portal, acceptance letter, etc.)

2. Show proof that you've submitted your FAFSA or TASFA (Ex: SAR, email proof, applicant portal, through your FAFSA website)

Once you've submitted proof your name will be entered into a drawing to win the scholarship. The deadline to enter the scholarship drawing is Friday, December 3rd. The four winners will be surprised sometime the week of December 6th.

Also, if you've been awarded any scholarships, decided where you're attending, honor cords, academic awards, please be sure to fill out the Senior Info sheet at the counselor table. We're now starting to put senior names on the College Bound Cougar Board in the Commons!  All seniors should have already received the Senior Info sheet through English class (bright yellow). If you lost yours more will be available at the counselor table.