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Scope and Sequence

I am often asked by new students and parents alike to explain what these course are about. Here is a quick summation of each. 
College Readiness: 
This is a one-semester course (offered in the fall) designed to do a variety of things all geared towards helping students gain admission into college as well as sharpen their skills to succeed in college. The first nine weeks focuses on college admissions with a heavy emphasis on SAT/ACT prep and practice (including the SAT essay). Students will also focus on finding the right college/major for them as well as generating an application that will catch the attention of college admissions. The second nine weeks focuses on surviving life in college, with a heavy emphasis on study skills and tips for academic research and writing. 
Dual Credit:
This is college freshman comp. It is quite literally a college class that happens to reside in a high school classroom. Students will obtain credit in English for both the high school and college. This class is designed to teach students how to write at the college level through a variety of writing prompts and tasks. The course is designed to start with the basics of writing and develop a series of skills that will continue to build upon each other through each essay, using the skills learned in the previous essay in conjunction with the forthcoming essay skills. The first semester focuses on different modes of academic writing that students are likely to see in college. The second semester focuses on taking those writing skills learned in the first semester and using them to sharpen their skills at academic argumentation (formulating and defending a thesis with sufficient and compelling textual evidence, analysis, and evaluation). By the end of the year, students will be well prepared for writing at the collegiate level in all manner of subjects.