Study for German Exam Using QUIZLET!

This week is semester exam week, and parents often wonder how students can more effectively study for exams. In German 1, German 2, and German 2 Pre AP, students have a semester exam study guide. However, students should also study by doing activities online in my Quizlet courses. German students have been using Quizlet all semester long in German classes this school year so far and should already have an established Quizlet account which each student registered for in class. In each Quizlet course (for German 1, German 2, and German 2 Pre AP), there are multiple study sets that all practice important vocabulary which will be tested on the semester exam. So, please have your student(s) do online Quizlet activities this week in addition to studying from the exam study guide to prepare for the German semester exam. Quizlet can be accessed at from any computer or laptop and is also a free app on cell phones/devices. I suggest downloading it on a device for your student if your student has access to a device. If, for some reason, your student needs to still create an account on Quizlet, they may still do so to access my Quizlet German courses. Once they establish an account, they need to search for their class (make sure they search for the class and not a study set; class must be selected in search mode!). Students should search for their German class level which are entitled in Quizlet as follows: "German 1 THS", "German 2 THS" and "German 2 Pre AP THS". They will need to request access to my Quizlet course once they find the course, but they can still do the activities in my course while they wait for me to approve them.