German 1 TEST: personal pronouns and the verb "sein" (to be)

This test is Friday, October 13th. I have attached a study guide that students already completed in class. To study at home, study from the study guide and my Quizlet class online. My Quizlet class is called: German 1 THS. To access this Quizlet class, go to the following link:  This link is lower case/upper case sensitive, so it must be typed in exactly as written. Once at the Quizlet site from the link, students should log in if they already have a Quizlet account or sign up if they do not yet have a Quizlet account. Students can sign up for Quizlet with their THS student Google account; students will be presented with the option of signing up through Google once at Quizlet. Quizlet is also a free app for cell phones.