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Mrs. Allie Pruett

Welcome Parents and Students, 
My name is Allie Pruett and I am one of two teachers teaching English III this year. I am a graduate of Texas A&M University and received my master's of education degree from Lamar University. I am in my 21st year of teaching. 
English III seeks to explore the major periods of American literature from the Puritan era to twentieth-century writing, as well as some selected works from world literature. The primary goal of the course is to help students develop and improve their ability to closely read, comprehend, and analyze complex texts and to effectively and critically write about what they have read. 
Of particular note is our effort this year to create a positive digital footprint for all students enrolled in the course.  All students have been given the opportunity to create a website that they will use to cultivate and write about their interests, as well as curate writing from class. We will be using their websites throughout the year.  I encourage you to ask to ask your child about their website so that you can follow their progress. Currently, the website can only be accessed when the student is logged in to their TISD account.   The website is currently not accessible to anyone who is not logged in. 
You may contact me using the information below:
281-357-3220 Ext 2316
Monday B Block, Wednesday B Block
Wednesday 2:45-3:15 


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This week we will begin by creating our first blog post on the websites that we created in class.


Last week, every student in English 3 created their own website. Currently, these websites are only viewable with a TISD Google login. 
This week students will be practicing narrative writing. At the end of the week, we will be able to post the work they created on their websites.

Creating our Eportfolios

This week students will begin creating their eportfolios.  We are using Google Sites which require viewers to log in to their TISD account in order to access the website.  These websites will serve a major role in our English 3 classes this school year, allowing students to research a topic of their choice. More information on eportfolios to come!

Notes and Make-up work

If you are absent and looking for make-up work, you should stop by Google Classroom.  I post announcements there for work that is done when I am absent or if we have taken notes during class.  This will allow those of us who might be a little slower at taking notes during class to go back through the notes from home. *** Google Classroom will not have every assignment, so you should still check with me for missed grades. 

Wish List

Listed below are things things that I would love to have for the classroom!
Quality tissues (all we have here are the thin, rough kind.)
Hand Sanitizer
Brightly colored index cards
10 sided dice
Regular dice
After Christmas I will need to replenish our crayons and markers.