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Class Expectations

These were created cooperatively using input from students:
1.  No one slacks off.
2.  Clean up your own messes.
3.  Help each other out (not during tests, though).
4.  Don't be late.
5.  Respect yourselves, each other and Mrs. H.
6.  Persevere.
7.  Live with integrity.
8.  Treat others the way you want to be treated.
These are the expectations I promise to live up to as their teacher:
1.  I will make things interesting.
2.  I will listen.
3.  If students "don't get it", I will say it a different way.
4.  I will teach basics and not assume everyone knows certain things.
5.  I will communicate testing dates and other due dates.
6.  I will respect my students.
7.  I will apologize and admit when I am wrong.
8.  I will be encouraging.