Syllabus - English IV, 1st Marking Period, 2019-2020

What you need:

1 inch binder



What we will cover: 

Rhetorical Analysis:

  • Terms: Need to write these in binder

            Need to know these for   

                       discussions and writing

  • Analyze to discover Author’s/Director’s Purpose
  • Make a decent argument using CRE
  • Communicate your analysis effectively in writing and verbally
  • Writing: need to use sentence structures taught in class
  • Discover and communicate deeper meaning of poetry using rhetorical analysis terms and CRE
  • Be aware of current events and their validity and/or impact
  • Be aware of local problems/accomplishments/issues and possible solutions
  • Create own poetry about an issue that inspires you


  • ½ Tone comparison
  • ½ theme analysis
  • Theme chart
  • Poem/performance/art

Daily Grades

  • Turn in EVERYTHING!
  • You will want a cushion going into Midterms in December. It just makes everything more relaxed.