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Welcome to World History

In World History we will be exploring the history of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.  This will be done by using primary and secondary sources and a variety of materials such as maps, artwork, political cartoons, readings, discussion, lectures and various activities.  It is important that you are in class to participate, as many of the activities are difficult to make-up on an individual basis.


Enduring Understanding Objectives:

  • Civilizations rise and fall due to many physical and geographical factors.
  • Ancient civilizations dramatically influence modern culture and government.
  • Religious, political, and economic conflicts contribute to the development of empires.
  • A civilization can be dramatically affected by other civilizations when they interact with each other politically, economically, and socially.
  • Enlightenment can lead to revolution.
  • Political, social, and economic conflicts can have violent results.
  • The world today is interconnected in many ways, and what happens in one civilization affects many other civilizations.



  • Development of Civilizations: Role of Agriculture (8000 BC-600 BC)
  • Classical Societies: Interactions and Influence (600 BC- 600)
  • Trade: Diffusion and Interaction (600 – 1450)
  • Global Expansion and Connection (1450 – 1750)
  • Revolutions (1750 – 1914)
  • Globalization and Modern Era (1914 – to Present)