Scope and Sequence

Fall Semester:

I. The Birth of Modern America, 1865-1900

  1. Settling the West (Mining, Ranching, Farming & Native Americans)
  2. Industrialization (Rise of Industry, Railroads, Big Business & Unions)
  3. Urban America (Immigration, Urbanization, The Gilded Age & Reforms)
  4. Politics and Reform (Stalemates, Populism & the Rise of Segregation)

II. Imperialism and Progressivism, 1890-1919

  1. Becoming a World Power (Imperialist Visions, Diplomacy & the Spanish-American War)
  2. The Progressive Movement (Roots of Progressivism, Roosevelt, Taft & Wilson)
  3. World War I and its Aftermath (S. Enters WWI, Home Front, Conflict & Impact)

III. Boom and Bust, 1920-1941

  1. The Jazz Age (Clash of Values, Cultural Innovations and Art)
  2. Normalcy and Good Times (Presidential Politics, A Growing Economy & Prosperity)
  3. The Great Depression Begins (Causes, Life & Hoover’s Response)
  4. Roosevelt and the New Deal (FDR takes Office, First New Deal, Second New Deal & the New Deal Coalition)




IV. Global Struggles, 1931-1960

  1. A World in Flames (America and the World, WWII Begins, Holocaust & America Enters the War)
  2. America and World War II (Mobilizing, Early Battles, Home Front, Pushing the Axis Powers & the War Ends)
  3. The Cold War Begins (Origins, Early Years, Cold War and American Society & Eisenhower’s Policies)
  4. Postwar America (Truman and Eisenhower, The Affluent Society, Popular Culture & the Other Side)

V.  A Time of Upheaval, 1954-1980

  1. The New Frontier and the Great Society (The New Frontier, JFK and the Cold War & The Great Society)
  2. The Civil Rights Movement (Beginnings, Challenging Segregation & New Issues)
  3. The Vietnam War (S. Focus on Vietnam, Going to War, Dividing the Nation & the War Winds Down)
  4. The Politics of Protest (Counterculture, Feminist Movement, New Approaches to Civil Rights & Saving the Earth)

VI. A Changing Society, 1968-present

  1. Politics and Economics (Nixon Administration, Watergate, Ford and Carter & Life in the 1970’s)
  2. Resurgence of Conservatism (New Conservatism, Reagan Years, Life in the 1980’s & the End of the Cold War)
  3. Into a New Century (Technological Revolution, Clinton Years, An Interdependent World, A New Century & the War on Terrorism)