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Information about CharmsOffice

The THS Orchestra uses CharmsOffice to keep parents and students up-to-date!



Communication is very important to us and we use an advanced program for this task. is a web based program. All students are registered into our system (charmsoffice) and you will need to log into and finish the registration process by adding you contact information. Most importantly, the parent page assists both you and the teacher to communicate with each other.  Stay up to date on what’s going on with your student!!!

You will use charms to:

    1. Update Info – Please go in and add everything you can to help the directors keep in touch with you.
    2. Calendar – you can access your child’s calendar of events.
    3. Forms & Handouts – you can access forms and handouts.
    4. Practice Logs – Students will enter & submit their practice times via charms.
    5. Submit Assignments – Students can create & submit audio recording.
    6. Locker Combinations – Student can see their orchestra locker combos in the update info area.

There are THREE ways to access CharmsOffice information:


1. Click  THIS LINK to access the THS Orchestra CharmsOffice page


2. Log in on a computer with the directions below:

      A. Log on to, and click the “ENTER” link at upper right.


      B. Locate the “PARENT/STUDENT/MEMBERS LOGIN” section of the web page.

(Please make sure you are not trying to log in as a teacher)


      C. Login to your child’s program account using the following School Code: TomballOrchestra
      D. This will bring up the main parent page.  Here you will be able to access some of the information in Charms BUT continue below to access further information.
      E. Enter your child’s ID NUMBER (This is your student’s lunch number) as a Student Area Password and at this point it will ask you to change your password. Then a more detailed screen with icons will appear. You can click on the different icons to explorer the program
      F. Click on the icon titled
          Update Info – add all the information about your students
          Add Parent – add good contact email, phone numbers, and street address information.
3. Get The App!
Search: "CharmsBlue" in your app store
Parents & Students can download the smartphone app to access all the information