In math we work on money a minimum of once a week. I believe this skill is immensely essential to their success and employment so I focus a lot of our lessons around how it pertains to money. That being said, we also go through different units per specific subject area. 
Algebra 1
  • add/sub problems
  • solve for x in the middle of the equation
  • rewrite equivalent expressions
  • fractions, percents, decimals
  • solve for perimeter 2D and 3D
  • solve for area 2D and 3D
  • ordered pairs
  • coordinate planes
Math Models and Applications
  • budgeting/finance
  • adding money, dollar up, change back
  • apply discounts
Algebra 2
  • mult/divide problems
  • order of operations
We keep Math INBs (Interactive Notebooks) for specific units. We write vocabulary and use it to teach initial instruction as well as practice problems in the INB. Students reference these for open notes tests and when they need to remember something that has already been taught.