English 1

Welcome to English 1!
I am so excited about this coming school year! This is my fourth year teaching at Tomball High School.
I have two main goals for our student this year: 
1. Develop and foster personal responsibility in our young men and women. 
2. Develop proficient readers and writers. These skills are the foundation of success for this course and for their future adult lives as well. 
If for any reason you need to reach me, please feel free to use either of the following:
281-357-3220, ext. 2327
My conference period is from 9:11-10:00.
This year has brought unprecedented changes to almost every aspect of our day to day operations. This is felt by teachers, students, and all families. Please extend grace and grace will be extended. There is a monstrous learning curve to this year, and if we all keep that in mind, we should have a successful year.


In my classroom, I expect respect and honesty. Students are to come prepared and with a good attitude ready to learn. I will be honest and respectful towards students and believe that a great classroom can be had when that becomes mutual. I look forward to a great year!