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Community Based Instruction (CBI's)


2018-2019 Community Based Instruction Trips (CBI's)

Dates in Blue are CBI's set & confirmed by district.  Dates in Red are CBI's organized by teachers and are pending approval.  

October 12th:  Bowling Challenge Day

    Instruction:  Participate in a Rec/Leisure activity with focus on appropriate social skills, Request proper shoe size for bowling shoes, follow directions, identify community survival signs.

     What you need:  Socks!

November 15th:  Santikos Theater (The Grinch), Lunch @ McDonalds, Scavenger hunt at the Dollar Store

      Instruction:  Requesting a movie ticket independently, Locate Items on the dollar menu  & purchasing lunch independently, locating specific items in a store, paying for item and counting change, appropriate social skills in community environment, identifying community survival signs & identify terms/vocabulary related to activities

     What you need:  $5 for lunch, $1 for dollar store, wear a red shirt (tomball if you have one) & closed toe shoes

December 14th:  Painting with a Twist & Rancho Grande

     Instruction:  Participate in a Rec/Leisure activity, follow directions, identify terms related to activities, Read from a menu and purchase lunch independently, determine tip to be left, display appropriate table manners.

     What you need:  $6 for Canvas,  Don't wear "good clothes"...just in case.

January 25th:  Special Needs Rodeo

    Instruction:  Participate in a Rec/Leisure activity & display appropriate social skills when interacting with peers, follow directions, identify terms related to a rodeo.

     What you need:  Wear closed toed shoes (preferably boots or tennis shoes) & dress warm!

Feb 22nd:  Success in Golf at THS

    Instruction:  Participate in a Rec/Leisure activity, display appropriate social skills, identify terms related to putt putt golf, follow directions.

     What you need:  Wear tennis shoes

March 22nd:  Woodlands Mall

    Instruction:  Identify functional vocabulary, identify community survival signs, use a mall map to find a location, locate clothing items in student size, order & pay for lunch independently.

     What you need:  $6 for lunch, wear Red Shirt, blue jeans and closed toe shoes.

April 26th:  Fishing with Stuco

    Instruction:  Identify functional vocabulary related to fishing, display appropriate social skills throughout event when interacting with peers, proper table manners at lunch, & follow directions.

    What you need: Lunch is being provided.  No fee. Dress for fishing.  Apply sunscreen & bug spray prior to arriving at school (if desired).

April 8th:  Wayne Stoval Sports Complex (Parents Invited!)  Picnic in the Park w/ Buddies

    Instruction:  participate in a rec and leisure sports activity, identify functional vocabulary related to the activity, display good sportsmanship, participate in ordering lunch from the concession stand (hot dog, chips, drink & sno-cone), follow safety rules, follow teacher directives.  Water bottles will be provided.

    What you need:  Towel, Wear clothes for playing sports activities & that can get wet (baseball, soccer, water games).  Apply sunscreen prior to arrival at school & send with student name on sunscreen if you want reapplied throughout the day.

May 3rd:  Challenge Day at WWJHS 9:30-1pm (Parents Invited)

   Instruction:  Participate in Sports Activity, display sportsmanship and appropriate social skills, identify terms related to sports events.

    What you need:  Wear clothes for playing sports activities