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Classroom Rules

HSTE Classroom Rules

Tardies:  Yes, even though we are far out, tardies COUNT!!  You must be in your seat when the bell rings to avoid a tardy.  This does not mean that you put your stuff at your desk and head to the bathroom, chat with a friend, etc.  The door will be locked when the bell rings and if you are tardy you must report to the tardy station.  

Cell phones:  Cell phones must be docked immediately upon entering the classroom.  Cell phones will be used as permitted by teacher during some instructional lessons.  Abuse of cell phone privileges requires phone to be docked daily on teacher’s desk for 10 instructional days.  Students are not permitted to charge phones at any time.   

Bathrooms:  Students are expected to use the bathroom for emergencies only. Students may only use the HOSA bathrooms or designated bathrooms for Mrs. Codutti’s class! Do not abuse this privilege or it will be taken away.  No bathroom passes will be given in the first or last 10 minutes of each class.

Computers:  Computers are only to be used when instructed by the teacher (class projects, etc).  Students are not permitted on the computers for any other reason-no games, e-mail, work for other classes, etc-NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Lab area:  Students should be in the lab area only when instructed by the teacher.  Students are not permitted to be on the beds, touch the mannequins, or use any equipment not authorized by the teacher.  

Classroom behavior:  Students should be respectful at all times, both to the teacher and the other students.  Students should not talk while the teacher is talking.  Heads should never be down on the table.  Working on assignments from other classes is NOT allowed.  

Assignments:  All assignments must be turned in to the designated area. Do not ever put an assignment on my desk or anywhere else! Homework is due at the beginning of class only.

Late Work:  All assignments that are turned in late will have 15 points deducted for 1 day late, 30 points for 2 days late, and not accepted after the second day late.

Be prepared:  Make sure you bring your binder and a pen and pencil to class every day. You will not be allowed to go to your locker for any reason.

Grooming:  Putting on make-up, brushing hair, etc. is not allowed in class at any time.  

Food/drinks: There is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the lab area.  If you get a drink from the vending machines on your way to class, it must be gone before you get here.  If the school allows water bottles, they will be permitted upon teacher approval.

Handbook rules:  All handbook rules are enforced.  Make sure you are familiar with the point deductions for late work along with the policy for make-up work.