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Tomball High School


Group picture of THS counselors

Welcome to the THS Counseling page. Additional counseling information is available by visiting the THS Counseling Google Site:

THS counselors support students based on their last names:
Amy Vann: A - Cr
281-357-3220 x 2650
Marissa Williams: Cu - Har
281-357-3220 x2207
Karen Smith: Has - Mas
281-357-3220 x2223
Dion Henry: Mat - Rh
281-357-3220 x2275
Angela Howell: Ri - Te
281-357-3220 x2221
Tammy Morrow: Th - Z & CTE Counselor
281-357-3220 x2216
Emily Nichols: College & Career (all students)
281-357-3220 x2242
Mary-Margaret Bollato: Mental Health Specialist (all students)
281-357-3220 x2293
Cassie Christ: Testing & 504 Coordinator (all students)
281-357-3220 x2222
Kari Schriewer: Administrative Assistant to Vann, Williams, Hill-Smith, Henry, Howell, & Morrow
281-357-3220 x2228
Vicki Ferguson: Administrative Assistant to Nichols
281-357-3220 x2226
Nilda Garza: Administrative Assistant to Christ
281-357-3220 x2214
Susan Lee: Administrative Assistant to Bollato
281-357-3220 x2205