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Tomball High School


  1. What are the school hours for THS?

    • 7:00am - 3:00pm

    • If a student is not with a teacher, coach, or sponsor at 3:00pm, they must exit the school building.

  1. What is the student parking policy for THS? (SCH, p. 58)

    • Drivers meeting these requirements are eligible to buy a parking permit. Parking permit fees are not pro-rated or refunded upon withdrawal from school. Lost permits must be replaced at full price.

      • Agrees to participate in the district random drug testing program;

      • Has a valid Texas driver’s license and student I.D.;

      • Can provide proof of insurance on the vehicle; and

      • Has no outstanding fees or fines from the previous year. 


  1. How do I send a message/delivery for my student? (SCH, p. 47)

    • Only messages of an emergency nature from a parent can be relayed to students.  We encourage parents to plan ahead with their children for unusual weather conditions or other situations that would alter the method by which children return home.  Any changes in method of transportation must go through the front office at least 30 minutes prior to the end of the school day.  Do not rely on fax, email, or voicemail.

    • Messages and deliveries of a personal nature (such as flowers, balloons, gifts, cards, etc. for birthdays, homecoming, Valentine’s Day, etc.) will not be permitted.


  1. Can I drop off food for my student? (SCH, p. 48)

    • Food may be brought only by a student’s parent and, if the parent is not having lunch with the student, must be left at the front desk.  The receptionist will not send for the student or monitor who takes the lunch.


  1. What is the procedure for my student to leave campus early? (SCH, p. 45)

    • A parent or otherwise authorized adult must come to the office and sign the student out.  Please be prepared to show identification. If the student returns to campus the same day, the parent or authorized adult must sign the student back in through the main office upon the student’s return.  Documentation regarding the reason for the absence will also be required.

    • If the student’s parent will authorize the student to leave campus unaccompanied, a note provided by the parent must be submitted to the attendance office in advance of the absence, no later than two hours prior to the student’s need to leave campus.  A phone call received from the parent may be accepted, but the school may ultimately require a note to be submitted for documentation purposes.  Once the office has received information that the student’s parent consents to the student leaving campus, a pass will be issued to the student to hand to his or her teacher with the necessary information.  The student must sign out through the main office and sign in upon his or her return, if the student returns the same day.  If a student is 18 years of age and no longer a dependent of his parents for tax purposes or is an emancipated minor, the student may produce a note on his or her own behalf.  Documentation regarding the reason for the absence will be required.


  1. Can a student leave campus temporarily for lunch? (SCH, p. 45)

    • All Tomball ISD schools are closed campuses.  No students are allowed to leave during lunch without a parent following the procedures for leaving campus described above.


  1. My student will be or has been absent – what do I need to do? (SCH, p. 13-16)

    • When a student is absent from school, the student—upon arrival or return to school—must bring a note, signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence.  The note must be turned in within 5 days of the student’s return to school.  Additionally, if absences become excessive, the student may be required to submit a doctor’s note verifying illness for the absences to be excused.


  1. My student will be or has been absent – what is the policy for make-up work? (SCH, p. 46)

    • School work missed due to short-term absences (3 days or less) may be made up after the student is well and returns to school.  Parents may request make-up work to accommodate their child’s needs resulting from extended absences by calling the school office or their child’s teachers prior to picking up the work at the end of the day.  Make-up work will not be issued prior to the absence.


  1. How can I contact the school registrar?


  1. How can I obtain a Verification of Enrollment (VOE)?

    • VOEs can be obtained at the front desk during regular school hours.


  1. What is the cell phone policy for THS? (SCH, p. 28)

    • Cell phones shall remain silenced at all times. Cell phones may be used during class for instructional purposes and in accordance with each teacher’s guidelines.  Please note that teachers may choose to prohibit cell phone use in their classrooms. Cell phones may be used before and after school, between class periods, and during lunch as long as students follow TISD acceptable use guidelines.


  1. What is the exam exemption policy? (SCH, p. 52)

    • See Secondary Campus Handbook for details.


  1. How can I obtain a Student ID Card?

    • Every student receives one free Student ID Card after Picture Day.

    • Students who enroll after Picture Day will obtain their ID card from the library. Official schedule document and date of enrollment must be shown to receive ID card.

    • Replacement ID Cards: Students can obtain a replacement for $5.00 (cash only) and by filling out a replacement form from the library and getting Counselor or Assistant Principal signature. Form must be returned to the librarian and then ID can be replaced.


  1. What is the campus policy on medications needed by a student? (SCH, p. 47)

    • Medication that must be administered to a student during school hours must be provided by the student’s parent.  All medication, whether prescription or nonprescription, must be kept in the nurse’s office and administered by the nurse or another authorized district employee, unless the student is authorized to possess his or her own medication because of asthma or a severe allergy or as otherwise allowed by law.


  1. How can I obtain a copy of a transcript? How much do transcripts cost? (SCH, p. 60)

    • Transcripts can be ordered from the Registrar’s Office.

    • Official transcripts cost $2.00 each and unofficial transcripts cost $1.00 each.  Colleges require an official transcript for admission and a final one upon graduation.  One final transcript will be sent free of charge if ordered prior to graduation on the “Final Transcript Request Form for Seniors”.  Allow two (2) days for processing in addition to adequate mail delivery time when requesting official transcripts. 


  1. How do I withdraw my student? (SCH, p. 62)

    • A student under 18 may be withdrawn from school only by a parent. The school requests notice from the parent at least three days in advance so that records and documents may be prepared. The parent may obtain a withdrawal form from the counseling office.

    • On the student’s last day, in order to complete the withdrawal process the withdrawal form must be obtained from the registrar and presented to the librarian to ensure a clear record; to the clinic for health records; and finally, to an administrator. A copy of the withdrawal form will be given to the student, and a copy will be placed in the student’s permanent record.

    • A student who is 18 or older, who is married, or who has been declared by a court to be an emancipated minor, may withdraw without parental signature.

    • Contact the Registrar for more details.