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Tomball High School


Tomball High School Renaissance PTO fosters academic excellence and improvement in all Tomball High School students, not just those making straight A’s. We are the ONLY Booster Club to stress academics to every student and we are always searching for ways to improve the learning environment and motivation for academics of the whole Tomball High School student body.
Some of the ways we in which we accomplish our mission and purpose are by supporting and providing:
  • Academic Recognition Awards Lunches (3 times a year)
  • Provide National Merit Recognition Awards
  • Mock ACT and SAT Testing
  • Volunteering Opportunities for Concessions and Events
  • Teacher Appreciation Events
  • Teacher Classroom Amazon Wish Lists
  • Student Shout Outs program recognizing students going above and beyond
  • End of year gifts to school and departments
For more detailed information, please visit